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UESTC Delegation Attended Rutgers' 250th Anniversary Commencement

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In May 2016, UESTC delegation attended Rutgers' 250th Anniversary Commencement at the invitation of the university and paid a visit to the School of Engineering at Rutgers. The delegation was formed by members from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the School of Automation Engineering and the School of Mechatronics Engineering of UESTC.


The US President Obama present at the ceremony, awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law of Rutgers

On May 25, the US President Obama made a speech Rutgers' 250th Anniversary Commencement, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law of Rutgers.


UESTC delegation at the commencement of the School of Engineering

At the commencement of the School of Engineering at Rutgers, Professor Thomas N. Farris, Dean of the school, particularly introduced guests from UESTC and the cooperation programs with UESTC. In 2012, Rutgers and UESTC established cooperation, signing Memorandum of Cooperation and “3+2” Program Agreement. Over 80 students from UESTC has joined the program and studied in Rutgers since then. The newly-graduated were the second generation of graduates of the program, which has been taken as a model for Rutgers to develop new “3+2” cooperative education programs with other Chinese universities.

During the visit, talks on how to advance the cooperative education program as well as to develop overall collaboration were carried out among Prof. Thomas N. Farris, Prof. Henrik Pedersen and Prof. Song Peng from the School of Engineering at Rutgers with UESTC delegates. Besides, the delegation met and communicated with UESTC student representatives of the “3+2” program to know about their academic and scientific performance at Rutgers.


Meeting between UESTC delegation and UESTC student representatives of the “3+2” program at Rutgers


Meeting between UESTC delegation and UESTC students studying atTexas A&M University

Afterwards, UESTC delegation visited Texas A&M University. Issues such as student and faculty exchange programs and summer classes were discussed in the meeting with Dr. Jane Flaherty, Director of Study Abroad Programs Office, Prof. Mark H. Weichold, Dean of International Engineering Programs Office, Prof. Robert D. Nevels, Director of Department of Electrical and Computer. They reached agreement on expanding exchange range and cooperation fields. In addition, the delegation called on UESTC student representatives studying at Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M University and UESTC have conducted active student exchange programs. Every summer, about 20 students from Texas A&M University go to UESTC and have summer classes on a specialized course taught by professors from UESTC. Meanwhile, students from UESTC go abroad to study at Texas A&M University under the “2+2” double degree cooperative education program.

Translator: Chen Shuyan