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Successfully Held Handing Over Ceremony of ISU

published: 2016-06-05 11:20:00       hits: 

On 5th June, 2016, the handing over ceremony was successfully held byInternationalStudentsUnion(ISU) ofUESTC. The outgoing president ATUBGA DAVID ATIA IBRAHIM gave his handing over speech where he expressed his sincerest gratitude to the Dean and Staff of the School of International Education of UESTC as well as to the whole student body for theirenormous support from 19th June, 2015 when he assumed office till 5th June, 2016. The ISU has played an wonderfulparton the stageof International community of UESTC.


ISU has much achievements because of theireffort. In summary, theyreceived 2016 fresh ladies and men, organized sporting activities for them and with a party on the last day, organized karaoke singing competition,  help office to carry out dorm inspections. They also helped office to organize the 2015 International Students Cultural Show, they represented ISU at University of Glasgow First International Student Leadership forum, Contributed to the progress of DEC company in Chengdu, meeting with Regalia group, IT HUB and Huawei to create opportunities for International students for intensives, they held series of meetings with concern staff to resolve students’ issues, successfully organized the 2015/16 New Year party. 


Now, the ISU has already completed their mission, and another outstanding group is on their way to make ISU better and better.


The 2015/2016 outgoing Executive Board of ISU Say, GOODBYE to everyone and we wish you all the best in life.