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President of University of Cape Coast Visited UESTC

published: 2016-06-22 15:38:00       hits: 

In the morning of June 20th, Professor Domwini Dabire kuupole, President of University of Cape Coast, and his wife, together with the director of International Office and the dean of School of Humanities visited UESTC. They were received by Vice-president Xiong Caidong and both sides signed a cooperation agreement between University of Cape Coast and USETC.


Every year University of Cape Coast will send 2-3 teachers to study at UESTC for master’s degree or doctor’s degree. This is the first visit ever done by leaders from University of Cape Coast, and it aims at strengthening the friendly cooperation between our two universities and expanding cooperation fields.

Vice-president Xiong spoke highly of the good performance done by teachers from University of Cape Coast and hoped the cooperation between the two universities could be deepened and expanded. President Domwini Dabire kuupole expressed his sincere gratitude toward UESTC for its support for the teachers’ training program. He hoped that this visit could serve as an opportunity for both sides to further the discussion on the fields, ways and content of cooperation. He also hoped to expand the collaboration with UESTC in fields like academy, talent cultivation, scientific research.


Both sides briefed to each other some basic information about the scientific research, talent cultivation and international cooperation, hoping to carry out a joint-training program for undergraduate students and master’s and doctor’s degree candidates in field like economic management, public administration and computer science. Both sides also expressed the willing to conduct academic exchanges and cooperation through the joint research platform. Vice-president Xiong and President Domwini Dabire Kuupole, representing UESTC and University of Cap Coast, signed a cooperation agreement.

Translator: Lv Mengting