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Ma Tianchen Was Elected as One of the 11th “Chinese College Students of the Ye

published: 2016-06-24 10:49:00       hits: 

Recently, Ma Tianchen, Doctor in School of Marxism Education of UESTC and “No.1 college student who starts up an on-campus business listed on the market”, was elected as one of the 11th “Chinese College Students of the Year”. It has been 10 years since the previous student of UESTC won this honor and Ma is the only winner from universities in Sichuan this year.


Ma Tianchen is a doctor of the 2013 session of UESTC majoring in Internet-based ideological and political education. On November 23, 2015, his Chengdu Taijutai Techonology Co., Ltd. became the 1st corporation set up by a college student and listed on the national stock market during his school days, after it resoundingly launched NEEQ. It was in only 1239 days that he achieved great-leap-forward development from the establishment in 2012 to its being listed in NEEQ, thus breaking the speed record of college students’ successful business startups during the Cloud Era as an entrepreneur and student. In addition, his featured product—Mianliao, called “the Chinese Version of Facebook”, enjoys great popularity among academics.

Under the guidance of the Publicity Department of CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Education, the Communist Youth League of China andChina Daily, and jointly sponsored by, China Campus, and Education Department of Guang Ming Daily, the“Chinese College Students of the Year” election is moral-education-oriented and committed to cultivating and fulfilling Core Socialist Values. By virtue of publicizing and commending outstanding models, it manifests the spirit of contemporary college students to give full play to the leading role of models and to build sound circumstances for college students’ growth.

Nationwide universities and colleges attached great importance to the“Chinese College Students of the Year” election starting from January 2016. And after 3 stages of publicity, vote and expert review, there were ten students from various universities and colleges, including Ma Tianchen from UESTC awarded this prize.

Translator: Liao Dongyang