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UESTC Entered China’s First “Top 50 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universit

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Recently, the “2016 List of Extraordinary Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities Nationwide” was released by the General Office of the Ministry of Education. UESTC finally distinguished itself from 130 applicants as one of the first “Top 50 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities”.

This round of selection started from February 2016. The final “Top 50 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities” were determined through 5 stages, including the applicants’ presentations and applications, the recommendation from provincial Departments of Education, the preliminary selection by experts designated by the Ministry of Education, the social surveys of Third-Party institutions employed by the Ministry of Education, and the experts’ field investigation in the applicant universities. Taking both the New Normal of Chinese economy, and the inner demands of UESTC’s reform and development into consideration, UESTC has, from the prospective of China’s national development strategy, given great priority to innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as incorporated innovation and entrepreneurship into the overall development strategy of UESTC. Therefore, the solid groundwork, clear working guidelines and outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship won the high praise of the expert group, and helped UESTC succeed in the selection.


On 16-17 June, the expert group of summary and publicity for innovative and entrepreneurial universities nationwide conducted field investigation at Qingshuihe Campus, UESTC.

Education for innovation and entrepreneurship has been incorporated into the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of UESTC, and the Implementation Plan to Deepen the Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of UESTC was formulated. Guided by this plan, UESTC has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation as its core, and innovation and entrepreneurship resources completely accessible to everyone, bringing innovation and entrepreneurship education to a full coverage, to each chain of  the whole process and every carrier of innovation and entrepreneurship. UESTC has also been committed to setting up a sound and all-round system of innovation and entrepreneurship education. As a result, an innovation-oriented mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship education, which is able to jointly cultivate talents for colleges, government, businesses, and society. To combine entrepreneurial expertise and maker cultivation, as well as maximize the integration of on-campus innovation and entrepreneurship education resources, UESTC is also exploring the dual-degree system to cultivate talents of innovation and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, on the demand of the “University and Belt” initiative, and with “Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship” as central guidance, UESTC comprehensively promotes innovation and entrepreneurship education, and fosters students’ abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship, offering talent guarantee and intellectual support for the strategy of innovation-driven development.

Based on the relevant plans set by the Ministry of Education, China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center, along with Department of College Students Affairs, Ministry of Education, launched the summary and publicity for innovative and entrepreneurial universities nationwide, in the name of the General Office of Ministry of Education, released theNotice of the General Office of Ministry of Educationon the Summary and Publicity for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities Nationwide.This is to carry out the Implementation Opinions of General Office of the State Council on the Deepening of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Higher Institutions, strengthen the further deepening of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, effectively drive business startup through making innovations, and eventually expand employment. The 2016 summary and publicity for innovative and entrepreneurial universities nationwide include 6 processes: applicants’ presentations, recommendation from Departments of Education, experts’ preliminary selection, social surveys of Third-Party institutions, experts’ field investigation in the applicant universities, and the promotion and publicity, etc. 130 colleges from all over the nation submitted application documents.

On 16-17 June, the expert group of summary and publicity for innovative and entrepreneurial universities nationwide conducted field investigation at Qingshuihe Campus, UESTC. They comprehensively learnt UESTC’s working guidelines and typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship through various forms like holding report meetings, student symposiums, and teacher symposiums on innovation and entrepreneurship work, visiting several random schools, departments, and offices, checking data of startups and relevant statistical information, consulting entrepreneurship related documents, inspecting the construction of startup facilities, startup information platform, and startup incubators of UESTC. During the final process, promotion and publicity, colleges’ typical approaches and specific experience in nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship talents, offering startup guidance, and guaranteeing quality startups and employment will be emphatically summarized and promoted, in order to positively play the leading and exemplary role of extraordinary innovative and entrepreneurial universities.

Translator:Fang Fang