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Review Paper Published in Physics Reports from the Team of Institute of Fundame

published: 2016-08-12 16:54:00       hits: 

Recently, Professor Zhang Yicheng and his team, from the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences of UESTC, on invitation published a review paper --- “Vital Nodes Identification in Complex Networks” in the Physics Reports, a renowned top journal in the field of physics. Professor Zhang yicheng, contracted Professor Lv linyuan of Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences act as the paper’s corresponding author and first author, and Professor Zhou Tao, Vice-professor Chen Duanbing and Doctor Zhang Qianming from Big Data Research Center, respectively as associate corresponding author and associate authors, meanwhile, the Institute and the Research Center serve jointly as its first institution.

Vital nodes identification is the research focus as well as the hot in the field of network science. Nodes in the network’s structures and functions are significantly different due to the heterogeneity of real net network; while vital nodes are those special nodes which can affect the structures and functions of networks to a much larger degree. To identify vital nodes accurately in networks can help us better control information dissemination, prevent epidemic outbreak, target commercial ads, predict popular research results, discover fatal genes, etc. Identification of vital nodes increasingly attracts the attention scientists from many fields such as computer science, physics, sociology. Involved algorithms include the simple calculation of nearest number, complex machine learning method and difficult algorithm based on theory of information dissemination. This paper systematically summarizes the sorting methods of vital nodes and distinguishes the advantages and disadvantages of the mainstream algorithes through experiments with authentic network data.


Physics Reportsis one of the most internationally influential journals of physics and interdisciplinary sciences, and publishes exclusively review papers written by worldly-renown experts of all research directions within the field, therefore, it plays an important role in guiding the development of related fields. This journal’s impact factors of the recent year are 16.240 and its average impact factors over the past five years are 22.124. Rather than accepting free lance, Physics Reports only invites research groups who have made outstanding contribution to relevant fields to write papers. Generally speaking, this journal presents one paper only each issue and there are 48 papers a year in a separate paper volumes.

Professor Zhang Yicheng and his team have long been engaged in the study of informational physics. They have applied the theories and methods of statistical physics to solve some vital matters in information fields mainly including the sorting, predicting, and recommending of information. Since 2010, this team has published many informational physics papers in internationally top and authoritative journals by the name of UESTC, among which two papers were published inPANS, one in Nature Communications, two in Physics Reports, and they have 7 papers enlisted into the world Top-1% cited of ESI.

Translator: Luo Ting