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Nobel Prize Winner Professor Jack.W. Szostak from Harvard Medical School Visits

published: 2016-08-01 17:01:00       hits: 

On July 28th, the 2009 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine, Professor Jack.W. Szostak from Harvard Medical School, the Nobel Prize candidate, Professor Steven A. Benner from School of Medicine of University of Florida, and the National Thousand Talents Plan expert, Professor Huang Zhen from Sichuan University together visited UESTC.

President Li Yanrong met the guests on Qingshuihe campus and awarded the letters of appointment to employ Professor Jack.W. Szostak and Professor Steven A. Benner as honorary professors and Professor Huang Zhen as visiting professor of UESTC. The Dean Yang Zhenglin, Secretary Li Yu of Party General Branch, Vice Dean Mou Yandong and Xia Yang of School of Medicine also joined the meeting. Vice President Zeng Yong presided over the appointment ceremony.




President Li Yanrong extended a warm welcome to the guests He said that in the past 60 years, UESTC is featured in Electronic Information and has made remarkable achievements in disciplinary development, talent training, team building, infrastructure development and so on. However, the disciplines of UESTC are focused on several fields. Therefore, we combined Electronic Information with Medical Science as the strategic development in the next five to ten years. At present, UESTC has cooperated with Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital and Sichuan Cancer Hospital to build the School of Medicine and has made good progress. But we still need more support and help. We are very delighted to meet three distinguished scholars in Medicine and hope them to offer advice on the development of School of Medicine of UESTC and provide support to our academic exchange and research, brain gain and talent training and other aspects. We also welcome the cooperation with internationally renowned medical schools to build our School of Medicine.


Professor Jack.W. Szostak expressed his gratitude for the warm invitation and said that the favorable momentum of development of UESTC impressed him. He introduced his proposal of building the Szostak Hi-Tech Research Institute on Macromolecule Nucleic Acid and the project progress. Just like the flourishing Electronic Information industry, he believes that the biomedicine represented by the nucleic acid technology will also become an industry of more than one trillion dollars. With more than 30 years of development, the solid foundation has been readily laid for the industrial transformation of nucleic acid technology from scientific studies. As UESTC is now paying more and more attention on the Information Medicine, there is considerable scope of cooperation between UESTC and Szostak Hi-Tech Research Institute on Macromolecule Nucleic Acid. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen exchanges to achieve fruitful cooperative results in academic study, talent training and disciplinary development.

Professor Steven A. Benner made a brief introduction about the School of Medicine of University of Florida and the scientific research he has been working on. He also shows his willingness to cooperate with professors of UESTC and gradually expand the cooperation scale and scope in the future.

Professor Huang Zhen added some information about the function and dedication of the Szostak Hi-Tech Research Institute on Macromolecule Nucleic Acid. He told that the Szostak Hi-Tech Research Institute on Macromolecule Nucleic Acid is dedicated to promote the fundamental and advanced research in the field of nucleic acids to train more leading talents in China to greatly promote industrial transformation and support innovation and entrepreneurship.


Several other leaders from School of Medicine, Human Resources Department, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Scientific Research and Development and Graduate School attended the appointment ceremony.

Translator: Xu Wangbin