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UESTC Retained the Title in The RoboMaster Competition 2016

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The RoboMaster Competition 2016 Finals were held in the Spring Cocoon Gymnasium in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center from 25th to 28th August. Team One Point Five S from UESTC, retained its championship by virtue of its outstanding performance and flexible strategies.



Around 7000 young engineers of 228 teams from more than 160 universities all over the world took part in the competition this year. After the division series and PK series 32 teams got into the finals. During the three-day finals, the 32 top teams from  UESTC, HKUST, NTU, UW, USTC , HUST, and SCUT, etc went through group matches, eighth finals, quarter finals, and semifinals. At last the two teams from UESTC and CUP (China University of Petroleum) were in the championship round. One Point Five S from UESTC with its outstanding performance crushed the rival in 3-0, retained the title and was awarded 200,000 RMB in cash.

Some of the audiences commented on UESTC’s performance as “overwhelming”. In an interview afterwards, members of One Point Five S said that it was a quite tough year because the changes of rules have made it harder for the preparation. And as the defending champion, they have borne much pressure. However, the whole team in good faith to win went all out for it. Before the competition, they spend a large mount of their time in working on the technology problems and strategies everyday. Finally their innovative designs and the team spirit helped them to stand out.



Themed as “the rise of heroes”, The RoboMaster Competition 2016 has successfully brought in a lot of new elements such as “Robot Heroes”, “UAV”, and mobile basement, etc. The battle field this year was designed in different terrains such as “resources island”, “wasteland”, “broken bridge”, and “river” etc, and also added runes with different functions in it. The robots need to cooperate and work with each other. In the competition this year, One Point Five S created several new records such as activating the big “rune” for three times in one single match, destroying the opposite basement within the shortest time and successfully making “big hero fetch bullets by accessing the island”. Due to its high technology content, fierce competition, and great visual enjoyment, The RoboMaster Competition 2016 has caused a heated response with almost 20,000 on-site audiences in total and the on-line broadcasting was watched more than 2 million times.


Under the great support of Office of Academic Affairs and School of Electronic  Engineering of UESTC, One Point Five S is made up of Professor Luo Deyuan, the assistant dean of School of Mechatronic Engineering, Professor He Liping, an adviser--He Qianhong, and 18 students from School of Mechatronic Engineering, School of Management and Economy, School of Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics,School of Computer Science & Engineering,School of Optoelectronic Information, School of Energy Science and Engineering, etc. Their spirit of “pursuing excellence and striving for the truth” penetrated in every detail in the whole process of this competition; their outstanding and ever-improving performance has exhibited the achievements they’ve accomplished with 11-month efforts, which has fulfilled UESTC’s ideal of cultivating talents through innovation and practice. As 2016 meets the 60th anniversary of UESTC, their retaining the title is the best gift to her.

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The RoboMaster Competition 2016, co-hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, All-China Students’ Federation, the Shenzhen government, and DJI-Innovations, is a national scientific and technological competition platform and a unique robot confrontation competition platform for young engineers. A team is a contestant, and each team needs to design, develop and test several of their own robotic vehicles to confront others by shooting and finishing the tasks. The outcome of the game is decided by the judgment system. UESTC, the champion of 2015 retained the title this year.

Translator: Lv Mengting