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Alumnus Xiong Xinxiang, President of Chongqing Born Group, Donated 1.03 Billion

published: 2016-09-27 09:18:41       hits: 

A single donation of 1.03 billion yuan! At 4:30 p.m., 21st September, Mr. Xiong Xinxiang, the alumnus of Grade 1986, and president of Chongqing Born Science & Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (Born Group for short), donated 1.03 billion yuan to UESTC. This donation during UESTC 60th Anniversary Celebration is to establish "Born Education Development Foundation" for the development of UESTC.

This is the largest alumni donation UESTC has received since its founding 60 years ago. And now, so far the total alumni donations during UESTC 60th Anniversary Celebration have exceeded 1.6 billion yuan.

Social donations have become the normalcy of world-class universities, and also one of the core benchmarks to assess them. In recent years, a favorable donation atmosphere has been created in China's universities, with the records of total donations, single donation amounts, and alumnus' individual donation amounts being broken frequently. The 1.03-billion-yuan donation by Mr. Xiong has set a new record of single donations accepted by universities. 

Heads of UESTC and leaders of Born Group witnessed this important moment together. leaders of UESTC attending the ceremony included: Prof. Li Yanrong, the President, Prof. Xiong Caidong, the Vice President, Prof. Wang Yafei, the Deputy Party Secretary, Prof. Yang Xiaobo, the Vice President, Prof. Shen Xiaorong, the Deputy Party Secretary, Prof. Xu Hongbing, the Assistant President and Head of Department of Cooperation & Development, and heads of other relevant departments and schools. Leaders of Born Group attending the ceremony included: Vice Presidents Liu Qiang and Wei Kaiqing, Director of President Office Lu Tao, Assistant President Chen Yang, etc.



"Alumnus Xiong Xinxiang cherishes great gratitude toward UESTC. He has not only provided a strong backup for UESTC's strategic aim of building a world-class university and world-class disciplines, but also set an example for and spread positive energy to the whole society." Prof. Li Yanrong said, UESTC would make full use of each penny of alumni's donations to cultivate more outstanding talents and make greater contribution to the society.

"I have deep affection for every little nook and cranny in UESTC. Every time I recall my college life, I really feel warm." Mr. Xiong Xinxiang said, Alma Mater held a vital position in his mind. "During my 4 years' study in UESTC, besides major courses, I spent most of my time in studying philosophy." He added, "what my mind suffered in those years has endowed me with great mind progress. That is, philosophy has taught me to see the essence through the appearance, and to anticipate the future through present days." Therefore, he has repeatedly emphasized "UESTC is my only Alma Mater all the time."

Since then Mr. Xiong's path of starting up business has been closely tied with philosophy. After graduation from college, he worked in Panzhihua and Shenzhen successively, and finally took root in Chongqing. In 1997, Mr. Xiong founded "Born Technology" and invested 3 companies including "Qihoo 360" in 2004, "" in 2006, and "" in 2009 respectively. All the 3 companies have achieved great success, and been evaluated into unicorn company lists. And then, "Yiji", established by Mr. Xiong in 2011, soon obtained the cross-border payment lisence in 2013, and now its daily transaction amount exceeds 3 billion yuan with over 20 million users. 

"Nowadays, the core of business management lies in strategic decisions, which are affected by people's foresight and insight. To improve our foresight and insight, expertise support and philosophy guidance are indispensable. Only by grasping the rules of business management, can we manage businesses freely and effortlessly." Mr. Xiong concluded, "all of these thoughts derive from my philosophy learning and inspiration in UESTC." 

It is reported that, "Born Education Development Foundation" composes of "President Foundation" and "Born Interdisciplinary Innovation Development Foundation". And the total amount of "Born Interdisciplinary Innovation Development Foundation" is 1 billion yuan. These funds are utilized to set aside several specific funds for UESTC's interdisciplinary innovation development in environmental protection, food safety, big data and combination of industry and finance, and training of business personnel, etc.

Mr. Xiong Xinxiang said, the year 2016 is the initial year of the Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations Environment Programme, and also the beginning of Born Group's "Green Era". Against the background of the national "Belt and Road Initiative", Born Group is committed to the study on environmental protection, food safety and so on, aiming at integrating resources to the greatest extent, and transferring world-top technological achievements in fields of biomedicine, and resources and environment, etc, into the well-being that benefits human being's health. On this point, Born Group along with UESTC strategically shares a deep common consensus. Born Group hopes, through the close collaboration between two parties, to facilitate UESTC's construction of a world-class university and world-class disciplines, and to make great contribution to the national innovation-driven development strategy.

Translator: Fang Fang