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Experiencing the Incredible 2016 Asia Pacific Youth Dialogue, Chengdu, China

published: 2016-10-09 16:46:18       hits: 

Enduring ever green is an aspiration which everybody loves. As we all know, nothing is more exciting, more colorful than the youth life and our Asia Pacific Youth Dialogue, Chengdu, China, 2016 is oriented to understand the youth's mind, their vision, their hope, their dream, their inspiration, their ultimate appeal of life and the acquisition of cultural harmony between people of in different places, different cultures of this planet. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China successfully organized the Asia Pacific Youth Dialogue, Chengdu, China, 2016 program, cooperating with UNESCO which is remarkable in manner of learning the ideas and goals of youth people of this generation.

This is the platform to get on the train which will take our world to a new destination, a destination of creation of new wish, innovation, prosperity and peace. Asia Pacific Youth Dialogue, 2016 concentrated on the demand of youth people of this region about what they think about regional progress, integrity, diversity of culture, cultural exchange and how they want to drive the new world; a world without sorrow, without starvation, without hostility.

Students of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China performed their best to construct the program in order for a more enjoyable and friendlier environment to the invited delegates and guests. Chinese students and international students cooperated with each other, together with the delegates and guests, to achieve the best, memorable moments of different events.

As we all know, Second name of life is friendship; friendship with human, friendship with nature, friendship with natural beings; we the students of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, tried to cultivate friendship with our delegates and guests on the way of delightful events. 

Some unforgettable moments of our events:

“Who am I”, Cultural Representation in Qingchuang Cafeteria, Group D Apartments, 20 September, 2016

“An Alley in Chengdu on a Rainy Day”, Dance in UESTC Auditorium, 21 September, 2016.

Study Tour, Experiencing Mystery of Nature, Chengdu

Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, 22 September, 2016.

Closing Ceremony: Celebration of Friendship and Respect to all at School of Management and Economics, 23 September, 2016.

Activities and performances of Chinese and International students of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, remarked outstanding in organizing the events and enriching relationship in-between diversified cultures.

Remarkable Activities of International Student Volunteers:

o   Establishment of Bridge and Communication with the Delegates.

o   Cooperation with Chinese Volunteers to Maintain Program Schedule.

o   Sharing Ideas with Others to Grow Regional Relationship.

o   Articulation of their Culture and Tradition Enhanced Others.

o   Learning of Different Believes Customs and Rituals and Diversity of Thinking.

o   Progression in Developing Friendship with Unknown People.

In fact, all volunteers (Chinese and International) performed their best to grasp the pride of UESTC. Their coordination is a significant constituent for the Asia Pacific Youth Dialogue, Chengdu, China, 2016, to acquire its ingenuous destination.