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CCTV Spotlighted Our Mechanism Innovation Promoting Scientific Commercialization

published: 2016-10-11 11:22:40       hits: 

On October 5, CCTV Newsspotlighted UESTC with the title "Mechanism Innovation Promoting Scientific Achievements Commercialization in Higher Institutions." UESTC's practice of mechanism innovation to effectively accelerate its commercialization of scientific achievements, and to serve the transformation and upgrading of local economy was reported.


The report said that, last September, Lin Han, a paraplegic torch bearer of the 9th National Sports Games for the Disabled, magically stood up like an Iron Man. But at that time, the robot that helped Lin Han stand up was still an experimental one developed by UESTC. Only within one year, this exoskeleton robot has been commercialized on a large scale from research and development stage. Transforming academic inventions to practical products seems like a small step. While in fact, it is a great stride from laboratories to industrialization, Prof. Cheng Hong, Executive Director of Robotic Research Center, UESTC said. 

Thanks to the mechanism innovation and breakthrough, this great stride can be taken. The new institution has avoided the conditions that many scientific research projects are conducted mainly for professional titles and paper publishing instead of market application. In contrast, the projects that were developed according to the requirement of the market, are much easier to be melded with the industry and capital. After developed from Generation 1.0 to 3.0, the Robotic Project of Robotic Research Center, UESTC, was immediately invested by a company in Shanghai, and its current valuation exceeds 300 million yuan.

"Commercialization of scientific achievements is like relay races. It is no problem for universities to run the first leg, and enterprises are willing to run the fourth leg. Then which section should be responsible for the second and third legs? So through this reform, we'd like to lengthen the mileage of universities, in order to realize the docking with enterprises in the transformation and upgrading process."  




Previously, during the 60th Anniversary of UESTC, September 29, the reporters of CCTV came to Qingshuihe Campus, and interviewed some teachers and alumni that participated in the anniversary celebration, including some retired teachers: Prof. Luo Kelu, Prof. Zhang Kaihua, Prof. Xie Yunsun, etc. All of them expressed their great admiration for the rapid development of China's education causes. And they delivered their recognization and joy to the effort, innovation and ceaseless progress of various undertakings in UESTC. On October 3, CCTV News covered the 60th Anniversary Celebration Day of UESTC. The festive atmosphere of the 60th Anniversary Cerebration Day was shown, and Alumnus Li Nengfu, Grade of 1959, was interviewed in China's first Comprehensive Electronic Science and Technology Museum built up in UESTC.

Alumnus Li expressed his view of Chengdu and Chengdu people in the interview. He sang high praise for the diligence of Chengdu people, which is in their blood. Thanks to this keep-a-low-profile attitude, Chengdu people can keep pace with the "China Dream" in the diverse world.

Translator: Fang Fang