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6 AI Products Designed by UESTC - HeFu Joint Institute Outstood in WRC 2016

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The World Robot Conference 2016 (WRC 2016), jointly sponsored by Beijing Municipal People's Government, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China, was held in Beijing, China from November 20 to 25, 2016. Mrs. Liu Yandong, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr. Guo Jinlong, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Mr. Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of CPPCC National Committee, Minister of Science and Technology and Chairman of CAST, and Mr. Miao Wei, Minister of MIIT attended this great event. UESTC - HeFu Joint Institute worked with Shanghai HeFu Holding (Group) Company Limited and Shanghai Lin Gang HeFu World Robot Competition Co., Ltd. to launch six advanced AI products including HeFu ARES, Robomintoner, multifunctional service robot, brainwave -controlled robot and biometric identification multifunctional robot, which became “superstars” at the conference, attracting many viewer’s attention.



Mr. Liu Yandong, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Counci ,with other leaders, visited HeFu Group’s exhibition area

At WRC 2016, Mr. Liu Yandong, Mr.Guo Jinlong, Mr. Wan Gang and Mr. Miao Wei talked with Mr. Zhou Jingting, UESTC’s alumnus and Chairman of HeFu Group while visiting HeFu Group ’s exhibition at its various AI products display. Besides, they were briefed about R&D and commercial application of AIT.



HeFu Group’s Spokesmen Yao Ming and Wang Liqin visiting Robomintoner

 Robomintoner, a combination of traditional badminton game and AI robot technology, once played badminton with Premiere Li Keqiang, and got a thumb-up from him. Robomintoner is embodied with technologies including high-precision rapid motion mechanism,high-precision rapid target visual tracking algorithm, robot real-time location calibration, thus its performancecan equal that of average badminton players. As Chuangpin Robot Co., Ltd. was established in September, 2015 after Robomintoner’s debut at ABU Robocon in July, 2015, Robomintoner has already walked out of the “contest fields” into “markets” valued at 200 million yuanannually .


HeFu Group’s Spokesmen Yao Ming and Wang Liqin watching HeFu ARES

World-leading robot HeFu Ares was co-developed by UESTC-HeFu Joint Institute and HeFu Group using humanoid gait control technology, AIT, fast hand&arm control technology and human-computer remote cooperation technology. With Ares, China became the third country to own autonomous walking robots after the US and Japan.

 Biometric identification multi-functional robot, jointly developed by UESTC-HeFu Joint Institute and HeFu Group with digital vein biometric identification technology, has broken the monopoly of Japan and has been applied to sectors including finance, security, labor force big data management platform.


During a press interview, Mr. Zhou Jinting touched upon HeFu Group’s industry-leading robots, which was made possible in a couple of years, and relevant technology as well as “engine”to sustain industrialization. University-enterprise cooperation and market orientation are double drives for HeFu Group to develop, Mr. Zhou said. HeFu Group has been working closely with UESTC to turn quality scientific and technological achievements into commercial application and provide an enabling platform for “innovation and entrepreneurship ” . “To be objective, universities are the strongest in R&D capability and embrace most talents in China, while enterprises find it hard to do research alone in a short term ”.

HeFu Group’s spokesmen basketball superstar Yao Ming and world champion ping-pong player Wang Liqin interacted with audience at the exhibition area. At the site of HeFu World Robot Exhibition's Star Challenge, Yao Ming controlled robots with brainwave to fight and Wang Liqin played against Robomintoner.


CCTV program Joint Focus focusing on Robomintoner

UESTC- HeFu Joint Institute’s AI products have caught the eyes of mainstream media including CCTV and Xinhua News Agency, with CCTV’s Joint Focus featuring a special report on it.

HeFu ARES and multi-functional service robots claimed 2 awards out of 4 “Award of the Best  Innovative Technology” which were selected by international experts at HeFu World Robot Exhibition's Star Challenge.

With the theme of “Win-Win Collaborative Innovation Toward the Building of an Intelligent Society”, the WRC 2016 includes three parts, which are Main Forum & Theme Forums, 2016 World Robot Exhibition (WRE 2016) and 2016 World Robot Contest. WRE 2016 focused on technology development and industrial application of the new generation robot. On top of that, it provided a platform for high-end academic exchanges, new products display and industrial cooperation mainly centered around robot research, key application areas and innovative development of smart city. The top event in the robot circle gathered nearly 150 well-known robot enterprises.

Translator: Wen Huan