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A Delegation Led by Vice President Yang Xiaobo Visited the U.S.A and Canada

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From 12th to19th October, with the purpose to promote the joint scientific researches and industrial cooperation between UESTC and overseas higher institutions and industries, UESTC’s delegation led by Yang Xiaobo, vice president, paid a visit to Silicon Valley, Rutgers University, University of Western Ontario, Huawei Canadian, and China-Canada Investment Center.



As soon as arriving in the U.S on 12th October, the delegation visited right away Sandisk Corporation in Silicon Valley, a global leader in mobile storage technology. There Dr. Jian Chen, vice president of Sandisk Corporation and also the UESTC alumnus, made a specific introduction to Sandisk’s development history and technological innovations. He also explained in detail to the delegation how they dealt with the Hatch Fund they got in the first few years when they started Sandsik as well as about the investment later they put into R&D. Afterwards, the delegation along with the alumni working in Silicon Valley visited Intel Museum and Stanford University.



The delegation paid a 4-day visit to Rutgers University from 13th to 16th October. They first met Professor Eric Garfunkel, vice president of Rutgers University, and Wang Jianfeng, director of Department of Chinese Affairs. As the important partners in international communication to each other, the two sides retrospected the cooperation they had and thought highly of the “32” program, the joint-Doctor program, the teaching staff visiting program and the study tour program. Exchange of visits and favorable interactions have been maintained between two administrations. Prof. Eric said he was looking forward to expanding the student exchange program to send more of their students to Chinese universities among which he considered UESTC as an ideal destination. On behalf of UESTC, Yang Xiaobo expressed the wish to deepen the cooperation with Rutgers University, hoping that students in Rutgers University could come to study in UESTC so as to realize the two-way exchanges. He also hoped that a joint scientific research platform could be established in three to four directions in which both sides are interested. Because, through this platform, the two sides are able to exchange their teaching staffs, conduct the joint-master programs as well as to build the base for teaching staff training and talents cultivating. In addition, more majors and projects in Rutgers University could be opened to UESTC so that more students and teaching staff from UESTC would be accepted to further their study and do researches in Rutgers University. In the response, Prof. Eric said they agreed to this initiative based on the willingness of the teaching staff and would shoulder the expenditure needed together with UESTC. Both sides then had a specific discussion on the English courses offered in UESTC and made timetable for the plan implementation.


The delegation then visited School of Engineering which hosts most of the cooperation between the two universities. Since the “32” program was initiated in 2013, UEST has sent 82 junior undergraduate students to Rutgers University, 11 of which obtained financial subsidies from Rutgers University; 30 of which obtained their master degrees; 12 of which are now PhD candidates. Now there are 55 students from UESTC studying in Rutgers University. Relevant administrators in School of Engineering said students from UESTC did a very good job, and UESTC is having more students to study in their school via the “32” program than any other programs in other universities. And this program is also the most successful one. They were readily to open more majors and expand the enrollment to the potential applicants from UESTC. They also said students from UESTC should improve their writings and hoped UESTC could offer more targeted courses toward writing.



Then the delegation had a talk with 50-plus students from UESTC and now studying in Rutgers University. Yang Xiaobo shared his own experience of studying aboard, hoping all the students could adapt to the new living and learning environment. He reassured them that UESTC is always willing to offer them support in every aspect. Meeting the delegation in a foreign university made the students excited. And they wished UESTC could help them with the employment in the future by creating connections among alumni. The delegation were invited to the Medal of Excellence of School of Engineering (an annual awarding ceremony for outstanding alumni), where gathered together a group of preeminent alumni who usually donate money to their school. Xu Hongbing, assistant principal and secretary general of Alumni Association, said we could draw the merits from them on organizing the alumni events.


A 3-day visit then was paid to Toronto from 17th to 19th October. The delegation first went to the Huawei Center in Toronto, and then visited China-Canada Investment Promotion Center, afterwards University of Western Ontario. In addition they had a talk with the UESTC alumni in Toronto.

Relevant chiefs from Department of Cooperation & Development, Office of Scientific Research & Development, Department of Logistic Support, Chengdu Research Center of UESTC and Office of International Cooperation and Exchange were in this group.

Translator: Lv Mengting