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Looking for panda footprints—the international students of UESTC participat

published: 2016-11-08 09:05:45       hits: 

At the invitation of  Wenchuan County People's Government, in the organization of the International School of Education, together with the United States International Chamber of Commerce, nearly 40 international students of UESTC from Kenya, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and other countries participated in the “2016 China · Sichuan International Giant Panda Eco-Tourism Festival and the first Wenchuan (Wolong) giant panda festival 'looking for panda footprints' international panda fans hiking activities”.


The activity takes the form of hiking with a walking stick, depart from Wolong Nature Reserve Management District Front Square, through the National Road 350 line, and end of the Gengda town of Wolong Chinese giant panda park, the total length is 23.98km. On the way of hiking, , singing and dancing cheerfully eases the international students on the long fatigue journey. In Gengda Panda base, pandas amuse everyone laughing, students imitate the panda's lovely expression, also show off in front of the native pandas  the Sichuan dialect they newly learned.

When a reporter asked the students the impression of Sichuan, the international students told reporter excitedly: their first impression of Sichuan is beautiful——beautiful scenery, beautiful food, and beautiful girls. The students take pictures one after another, send those pictures to WeChat, and want to tell the world ——this is the beautiful Sichuan.