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Delegation of McGill University, Canada visited UESTC

published: 2016-11-21 09:50:45       hits: 

In the morning of November 14, a delegation led by Dr. Guy Rouleau, Director of Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University visited UESTC. Prof. Li Yanrong, President of UESTC, and Prof. Xiong Caidong, Vice President of UESTC met the guests on Qingshuihe Campus. Further cooperation in joint talent training, scientific research and school running in neuromedicine has been discussed, and a cooperation memorandum has been signed between both parties.


Other chiefs participated in the conference also include: Dr. Xiong Lan, Adjunct Professor of Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University, and Director of Laboratory of Neurogenetics, Research Centre of Montreal Mental Health University, Institute, Song Biao, President and General Manager of Shenzhen Qianhui Asset Management Co., Ltd., Prof. Di Aiying, Head of Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, UESTC, Mr. Zeng Qigang, Deputy Head of Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, UESTC, Prof. Yuan Qin, Party Secretary of School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC, and Prof. Yao Dezhong, Dean of School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC, Prof. Pedro, member of Cuban Academy of Sciences and member of China National "Program of High-end Foreign Experts in the Thousand Talents Plan", Prof. Xiong Jintao of School of Electronic Engineering, UESTC, and Dong Yeyun, Assistant of Joint China-Cuba   Laboratory for Frontier Research in Neurotechnology.

Prof. Li Yanrong extended a warm welcome to the delegation. He said, UESTC has been dedicated to jointly establishing its School of Medicine with Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital and Sichuan Cancer Hospital successively from 2013 till now. The co-establishment of School of Medicine, UESTC aims at embedding UESTC's features and edges in electronic information into medicine, which coincides with the strategies of economic development on provincial level and national level, and is of strategic importance for the long-term development of UESTC. UESTC expects to carry out in-depth cooperation with prestigious colleges and research institutions in this field, like McGill University to boost talent training and scientific research in information medicine.


Dr. Guy Rouleau mentioned, neuromedicine would become a vital field for human society in the future. He is impressed by UESTC'S featured and influential scientific research in information medicine, as well as its sound collaboration with Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital and Sichuan Cancer Hospital. He also noted that, just as UESTC, McGill University has also developed well in its neuromedicine, and has been greatly backed up by Montreal government, the medical field and relevant industries. The cooperation between both parties boasts bright prospect and huge development potential. Dr. Guy Rouleau hoped that the cooperation in neuromedicine as a beginning will expand more areas of cooperation and fruitful results will be achieved in talent training and scientific research.

During the follow-up discussion, issues including the China-Cuba-Canada Joint Laboratory (CCC Plan, initiated by UESTC, McGill University, and Cuban Neuroscience Center), the form and scale of joint talent training between the two parties, and cooperation in scientific research and school running were thoroughly exchanged. UESTC hoped that McGill University can actively propel its sino-strategy by cooperating with UESTC to set up a branch of Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) in Chengdu.

At noon, Dr. Guy Rouleau visited Center for Information in Medicine and Center for Robotics of UESTC. They also visited the School of Medicine and Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital & Affiliated Hospital of UESTC.

Translator:Fang Fang