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Bravo! Students in UESTC Won the First Prize in ACM-ICPC Asian Qualification

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On 13th, Nov., the 41th ACM-ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) Asian Qualification came to a close in Peking University. Through 5-hour fierce competition, Life_and_Lemon from UESTC presented an awesome performance and exceled other teams from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University and Fudan University, etc. Life_and_Lemon marked the third to gain this laurel in UESTC history and won the express pass to 2017 World Final which will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA.


Life_and_Lemon from UESTC held the trophy high and mighty.(from left to right: Professor Bill Pouncher, Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee; Lin Weibo; Wang Yetao; He Zhu; Coach He Xiaoping; Executive Vice Chairman Professor Jeff Donahoo.)


ACM-ICPC Asian Qualification (Beijing) has attracted 141 universities and colleges from all over the country, totaling 196 teams participating in this contest. We’ve sent out 3 teams, among which UESTC Life_and_Lemon consists of two students, He Zhu and Lin Weibo from School of Computer Science and Engineering and Wang Yetao from School of Mathematical Sciences.    

2016 ACM/ICPC Asian substation contest still adopts the sub-rules in mainland China last year. Only a champion in substation contest can the team be qualified for the World Final. UESTC-Life and Lemon, entrusted the great expectations of teachers and students, overwhelmed other teams from famous schools with its solid accumulations and stable performance. It has given a full play of UESTC chrisma.


After the contest, Professor of Baylor University Bill Pouncher, Executive Chairman of ACM-ICPC granted the trophy to UESTC-Life and Lemon. Runer-up and the third place went to Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

ACM-ICPC (Association of Computing Machinery-International Collegiate Programming Contest) is an annual contest organized by ACM which enjoys a high reputation and long history in the field of computer. It is recognized as the most massive and the highest standard collegiate programming contest, aiming to provide an arena for students’ innovation and team spirit and test their ability to program, analyze and solve problem. It has been successfully held for 40 sessions. Students giving an outstanding performance in the contest always take the fancy of those colleges and universities as well as famous companies. 

We, UESTC students, are longstanding warriors with fruitful outcomes back. In 2009, UESTC_floyd won the champion in the 34th ACM/ICPC Asian Qualification (Djakarta, Indonesia). In 2014, the champion of the 39th ACM/ICPC Asian Qualification (Beijing) was pocketed by UESTC_Monalisa, which ranked the 15th in the World Final held in Marrakech, The Kingdom of Morocco and the 7th in Asia.  


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