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UESTC Students' Overseas Education Up to a Higher Level Again in 2016

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In 2016, guided by UESTC's internationalization strategy, students' overseas education stepped up to a higher level again. Students' international awareness was further improved, and the number of students studying in exchange programs continued to increase, creating an internationalized atmosphere in UESTC. Totally 2955 students studied and exchanged abroad in 2016, an increase of 26.28% higher than that in 2015. Among them, 2137 students participated in short-term exchange programs (exchange camps during summer and winter vacations, international conferences, international competitions, art and cultural exchanges and so on), and 818 students participated in over-3-month long-term overseas study programs.


The Summer Camp Trial in Cardiff University  

In 2016, centered on talent cultivation, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange (International Office) coordinated with schools and relevant administrations to boost internationalized student cultivation from multiple aspects and through various measures.

Overseas Safety Management Facilitating Overseas Study Safety

As increasingly more students go abroad to study in exchange programs, overseas safety management is confronted with great challenges. Faced with these challenges, International Office enhanced its central management on student overseas study,stressed the establishment of relevant rules and regulations, as well as the standardization of sending procedures. It also paid great attention to pre-departure guidance, and overseas insurances so as to enhance the response capability in emergency. On the basis of the existing UESTC Administrative Measures for Students Going Abroad, International Office compiled the Contingency Plan for Student Outbound Emergencies, as well as printed and made Casebook of Outbound Emergencies, Pre-departure Guidance for Students Going Abroad and so on. Besides, International Office assisted students to buy overseas insurance, and held over 80 pre-departure training together with multi-departments on-campus and off-campus, in order to provide on-site education and training on overseas study safety, and improve the ability to cope with outbound emergencies and students' awareness of overseas study safety. All these were done to ensure students' safe, healthy, proper, and successful overseas study.

Diversified Programs Caring for Students' Different Needs

Years of efforts has formed diversified development trends of UESTC student overseas study programs in their location distribution, types and content design. In 2016, UESTC's short-term and long-term overseas study programs covered 22 countries and regions including the US, the UK, Germany, Austria, Japan, Israel, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia, etc. Based on students' different demands on overseas study, International Office developed theme-oriented, course-oriented, and research-oriented, etc, overseas study programs, covering contents like start-up training, international volunteer teaching, intensive language training, course learning, as well as scientific research and business internship.


The Exchange Camp in German Partner Universities: Visiting the Factory of Mercedes-Benz


The Education Experience Program in University of Oxford

Among these programs, the Exchange Camp in German Partner Universities and the the Education Experience Program in University of Oxford have been highly spoken of by teachers and students. The Exchange Camp in German Partner Universities adopted the curriculum pattern of "Lectures + Experiments" and offered the opportunity and platform for students to explore the Industry 4.0. The Education Experience Program in University of Oxford with seminars as its main courses provided students the chances to personally experience the study in a world top university. After returning to UESTC, student participants gave positive feedback, ushering in a "Tide of Germany" and a "Craze for Oxford".

International Office Carrying Forward Government-Sponsored Overseas Study Program

In 2016, the numbers of both programs and students sponsored by the government kept sustainable growth. 95 students were selected into the "Government-sponsored Graduate Program of National High Level University Construction", an increase of about 16% compared with that in last year; The number of "International Exchange Program for Outstanding Undergraduates" rose from 9 to 16; The number of International Cooperation Programs for Innovative Talents kept steady growth; Since the initiation of Undergraduate Research Internship Program of Mitacs, Canada in 2011, the number of UESTC students enrolled into it has ranked the first all the time nationwide; Students were for the first time, selected into the Undergraduate Research Program of University of Alberta, Canada.

162 people got the approval of Overseas Study Program Sponsored by the Government in 2016, and the total subsidies sponsored by the government exceeded 21.5 million yuan.


The Summer Camp in the US Partner Universities


The International Summer Camp in TELECOM Bretagne, France

Both Schools and UESTC Cooperating to Launch Special Overseas Study Programs

International Office together with other departments and schools of UESTC introduced various incentives and series of special overseas study programs to encourage students to study abroad. In 2016, 21 programs from 13 schools were selected into "International Exchange Program for Undergraduates of UESTC", and students enrolled in them can be funded by both their own schools and UESTC; after the appraisal of Overseas Study Working Group of UESTC, other 3 programs were admitted into "International Exchange Program for Undergraduates of UESTC in 2017", namely, Summer Vacation Courses in University of Oxford, applied by School of Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics, Summer Vacation Exchange Program in University of British Columbia, Canada, applied by UoG-UESTC Joint School, and Exchange Program in Two German Partner Universities in the Same City, applied by School of Automation Engineering.


The "Dream-chasing Study Abroad Program" Exchange Group Exchanging in Singapore

In 2016, International Office continued to promote the "Dream-chasing Study Abroad Program" jointly with Student Affair Department. By this program, 55 students excelled both morally and academically but difficult financially, was sponsored to study abroad; International Office together with Student Affair Department held the "Summer Camp on Leadership Training of Liren Class Students", gaining remarkable effect. What's more, scholarships were awarded to excellent overseas study students to encourage them to participate in overseas exchange programs actively and effectively. All these students' overseas education has further propelled the talent cultivation of UESTC: Among 20 Outstanding UESTC Students in 2016, 18 of them have been studied abroad. In 2017, a special overseas study program, "Leadership Program" available for post-graduates will be set up jointly by International Office and Graduate School to subsidize fresh post-graduates to exchange and study abroad.


"Sailing for the Future Program" in University of Pennsylvania

International Office and Office of Teaching Affairs collaborated to bring forth the "Sailing for the Future" Overseas Study Program for the first time, in which 28 freshmen were subsidized to visit and study in University of Pennsylvania for one month. It is still the first time for Chinese higher institutions to launch this kind of program.Moreover, schools also built their motivation mechanism to inspire and support their students to study and exchange abroad.


The International Volunteer Teaching Program in Sri Lanka


The Cultural Exchange Camp in Belgium and the Netherlands: a Lecture in Maastricht University

Diversified Publicity Methods Achieving Remarkable Fruits

In 2016, UESTC hosted over 60 overseas study campus talks of global partner universities and several large-scaled university-level publicity campaigns, including: the "8th International Graduate Scholarship Fair" attended by 75 world-renowned colleges and universities, the "Education Fair of 11 Canadian Famous Higher Institutions", as well as the "Partner Universities Education Fair" during the 60th Anniversary of UESTC. These series activities have created opportunities for students to communicate with representatives of global partner universities. Moreover, the annual "International Education Exchange Week" was successfully held in October 2016. It was composed of various activities like Keynote Speeches on International Communication, "Worldview Photo Contest", Promotion Conference of UESTC Government-sponsored Programs, as well as Reports and Achievement Contest of Overseas Exchange Groups, etc.


The 8th International Graduate Scholarship Fair

International Office made full use of "We Media", and Wechat Official Account (uestc-studyabroad), etc, to release the latest overseas study information, trends and policies, etc, achieving notable publicity effect. One video called "Global UESTC Students Send Best Wishes to Their Alma Mater" has been picked up by a variety of media, and been played as much as 238 thousand times on Tencent Platform.

Closed-loop Management Enhancing Overseas Study Results

International Office attached great importance on closed-loop management, to manifest students' learning outcomes after their overseas study and exchanges. When students return to UESTC, International Office guided students to summarize what they have learnt abroad, and to plan their long-term overseas study, future vocation and life. These are reflected by a series of activities, like: collecting students' summaries and experiences of their overseas study, and organizing sharing sessions about overseas studies, "Worldview" Photo Contest, Report and Achievement Contest of Overseas Exchange Groups, "From UESTC to the Whole World" Essay Contest, as well as the scholarship evaluation and commendation for Excelllent Students of Short-term Groups.

School of International Education specially offered a course named "International Education and Cross-cultural Communication", which was available for all the UESTC students. In this course, professors with ample learning and working experiences on-and-off campus were invited to share their knowledge about the education concepts, scientific research systems, and academic requirements in developed countries and regions, helping students fully prepare for overseas studies in the perspectives of knowledge, psychology and practice.

Translator: Fang Fang