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UESTC and People's Daily Jointly Build New Media Lab

published: 2017-02-27 09:29:17       hits: 

On Feb. 19, University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of Chinaand People's Dailyheld a ceremony in name of the agreementto establish a new Media Lab.President of People's Daily Yang Zhenwu, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Yang Zhenwu, Head of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs Fang Nan, Chairman of State Administration of Press Publication,Radio,Film and Television Li Jun and many other people attend this signing ceremony.Commissioned by the President Li Yanrong, Vice President Yang Xiaobo exchanged cooperative agreement with Ding Wei, Director of new media center of People's Daily.


On themeeting about the Party’s attitudes towards public opinionsthat held on February 19, 2016, XI Jinping pointed out: The Party’s attitudes towards public opinions are of prime importance and a most important thing in regards to the rule of the government and the stability of the country.It is a strong driving force to spur our nation to grow in strength.In order torealize the teachings by President Xi at this meeting, UESTC spears no efforts to build new media Lab with People's Daily. It is the first cooperation done by Central Party Newspapersand high schools. 


"The new media Lab is an open platform for internet enterpriseshome and abroad, higher learning institutions, research establishments, media and other institutes." deputy editor-in-chief of People's Daily Wang Yibiao said.With the continuous development of Chinese new media, the Lab needs more and more new media personnel, technologies and ideas. New technologies, products and originality are encouraged to make innovations in such field.

According to the agreement, both sides will depend on the innovative result achieved by People's Daily, make use of UESTC's outstanding disciplines in the field of electronic information, applying virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data intelligence information system, intelligent equipment and other new-generation information technologies to the field of new media to form advanced electronic plus new media products and services.   

At present, the Lab led by our Smart City research center, School of Communication &Information Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Management and Economies, Center of public safety information and equipment integration and Chengdu Institute of technology research center have joined together to build it.The lab will establish in two places, in People's Daily, the Lab members are mainly responsible for system commissioning test and product trials and learning requirements of the industry on the spot.In the innovation center of UESTC, the Lab will blend campus, alumni and social resources together to carry on corresponding research and develop works.


In the future, a large number of research fruits will be born from the lab and put into application, such as new generation of mobile broadcast systems and equipment, intelligent information systems.

Lu Chuan,the Smart City Research Center vice researcher and Chengdu Institute Executive Vice President, said,"We are aimed at achieving industrial breakthrough, and forming new media technologies, products and systems with Chinese characteristics."According to the repots, the depth cooperation with People's Daily initiatedfrom 2016, when Chengdu Research Institute, Smart City Research Center signed a comprehensive cooperative relation with People's Daily Online, since then, the two sides have carried out a series of cooperative explorations. On this basis, People's Daily further understands UESTC's strong capacities in the electronic information field, and hope to establish new media Lad together.

Yang Xiaobo said,“Geared by President Li Yanrong’s ideal of leading the fashion of ‘electronic information +’ with ambition and developing UESTC’S new dimensions of development, the start of the new media lab is a brand new important result from the University’s advancing the strategy of “electronic information +”, which marks the University will carry on its prestigious status in fields of electronic information and respond actively to the call of the time, thus to make its due contributions to promoting the Party’s work around public opinions. 

Translator: Zhang Guihua