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UESTC’s Discipline of Neuroscience & Behavior reaches the top 1% of ESI

published: 2017-03-20 09:18:55       hits: 

This ESI data covered a period of According to the latest ESI data on 10th March, 2017, UESTC’s Discipline of Neuroscience & Behavior for the first time reached the top 1% of ESI and became the sixth discipline ranking at the top 1% of ESI after Engineering Science, Material Science, Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry.


10 years from January first of 2006 to December 31st of 2016. Globally, 811 institutions reached the top 1% of ESI and UESTC ranked as the 801. During that decade, UESTC published 339 papers totally related to Neuroscience & Behavior in SCI/SSCI journal. All the 339 papers were cited for 5259 times, and three of them are high-impact papers. Comparing with the last ESI data, another 23 papers were increased and 339 cites were added.

What’s more, the latest data indicated that our ranks of advantageous disciplines also improved in comparison to the last time: Engineering Science reached top 0.896%, Computer Science 3.26%, Material Science 4.45%, Physics 6.98% and Chemistry 9.5%.

Following Engineering Science reaching at the top 1% of ESI in July of last year, this year both Chemistry and Neuroscience and Behavior have reached top 1%. Papers of UESTC on SCI Section Iand IIrose to 42.2% from the previous 28.8%. All above shows that UESTC’s “Three Action Plans” have delivered significant results especially in the construction of science disciplines and improvement of academic level, and have speeded up UESTC’s mission to be world “Double-First Class” university.

Translator: Luo Ting