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Five Undergraduate Majors Newly Set up in UESTC

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On 17 March, the 2016 recording and approval results of undergraduate majors of general higher education institutions were released by the Ministry of Education. UESTC’s five new undergraduate majors including Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Cyberspace Security, Data Science and Big Data Technology, and Internet Finance were approved of. These five majors will be set up by School of Medicine, School of Computer Science & Engineering, and School of Management and Economics respectively. Combining their orientation for school running and requirements of the government, these schools will further specify their cultivating targets, optimize talent cultivating schemes, and develop new cultivating modes, ensuring the top talent cultivation of UESTC.


Students from School of Medicine getting CPR training.

Among these new majors, student number of Clinical Medicine is strictly controlled by the government. This is also an important part of medical education system. After five years of study in Clinical Medicine, students will be granted the Bachelor Degree of Medicine. Nursing is an indispensable chain in medical and health services, while currently in China Nursing professionals are of shortage. Students in this major will be granted Bachelor Degree of Science after four year of study. Since the founding of School of Medicine, UESTC in 2013, UESTC and its affiliated hospital, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital have committed themselves to setting up the undergraduate major of Medicine. Years of efforts have greatly improved our conditions of school running, thus bringing about the successful approval of the two majors. These two majors have not only diversified UESTC’s talent cultivating types, but also further optimized UESTC’s discipline structure, which is an important step for UESTC’s discipline extension strategy. Meanwhile, the establishment of the majors has improved the talent cultivation system of School of Medicine, and laid a solid foundation for the cultivation of high level medical talents. This is in favor of the integration of electronic information science and medical science, and the further development of medical discipline, which is a vital milestone for the development of School of Medicine. The undergraduate major of Clinical Medicine aims at cultivating highly competent medical talents with solid medical theoretical basis, as well as electronic information technology. The undergraduate major of Nursing aims at cultivating high-level nursing talents with clinical nursing ability, and basic abilities of teaching, managing and scientific research.


The first International Seminar of Cyberspace Security and Computing held by School of Computer Science & Engineering and School of Cyberspace Security.

Cyberspace Security means a lot to the security and prosperity of the nation. As early as “Cyberspace Security” was approved to set up as a first-grade discipline by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council (ADCSC) and the Ministry of Education in June 2015, UESTC has engaged in the application of doctoral major of Cyberspace Security as first-grade discipline, and established the “School of Cyberspace Security”. In January 2016, this major finally got approval. Then closely following the government’s policies and cyberspace industry development, School of Computer Science & Engineering applied to enroll undergraduate students in this major, which meets both social demands and UESTC’s talent cultivation orientation. The undergraduate major of Cyberspace Security aims at cultivating specialized information security talents systematically mastering theoretical foundation, hardware system and engineering application knowledge of cyberspace security, and information security talents with great practical and foreign language skills, global vision, and sustainable development potentials. So that these talents can shoulder scientific research, development and education on security theory and application, network security, system security, and so on. 


Big Data Research Center of UESTC.

Since Big Data is still a newborn thing in China, and the cultivation length of talents in Big Data technology is short, there is a lack of talents mastering big data processing and application development technologies in technology markets. Besides, Big Data technology keeps such a rapid growth that both governmental departments and companies need their own experienced specialized teams on Big Data construction with technical backgrounds and management skills. Currently, a huge gap exists between the technical talent pool and the demands of Big Data processing and application in China’s Big Data market, and the gap may still be there over the next few years.

School of Computer Science & Engineering boasts a number of teachers and scientific research staff engaging in Big Data research, and accumulates ample experience and fruits in teaching and scientific researches. Before preparing to establish the undergraduate major of Data Science and Big Data Technology, the School has offered Big Data direction in Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, and has enrolled two grades of graduate students. This undergraduate major of Data Science and Big Data Technology aims at cultivating interdisciplinary talents with knowledge of big data storage and management, big data platform architecture, big data analytic algorithm, big data industry application and so on. Students are trained to have the ability to research into data analysis, storage and so on, and the ability to assist companies in mastering the solutions to typical problems in big data application.


The opening ceremony of “Internet Finance Summer School” hosted by School of Management and Economics.

The undergraduate major of Internet Finance is designed to respond to the demands of interdisciplinary talents in our government’s development strategy of “Internet+”, and participate in UESTC’s interdisciplinary cultivation plan of “Internet+” top talents. Students in this major are trained to be financial talents with courage to innovate across the border with integrated knowledge. At the same time, with its advantage discipline background, UESTC can provide sound science and engineering foundation for this major, and the School of Management and Economics can be powerful discipline backup. The earlier interdisciplinary financial talent cultivation system of the School can also be a model of the major.

The undergraduate major of Internet Finance will be industry-oriented to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with excellent Internet thinking. It features a talent cultivation system integrated “Internet+” with majors like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, and Manufacture, etc. to train students in solid core knowledge and ability of “Internet+”, as well as financial knowledge, based on social demands and industry development. Then interdisciplinary talents can be sent to meet the demands of financial industry.

Translator: Fang Fang