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UESTC Ranking First in the 8th Chinese Mathematics Competitions

published: 2017-03-27 10:01:17       hits: 

The final of the 8th Chinese Mathematics Competitions (CMC) concluded in the morning on March 18 at University of Science and Technology Beijing. 4 UESTC student representatives competed with other excellent college students and all gained first prizes in non-math-major group. He Lingshen, a sophomore from Yingcai Honors College of UESTC, got the highest score 99 (out of 100) in the final, the best in UESTC’s history participating in the competition. UESTC was the only university that won four first prizes in the final.


The preliminaries of the 8th CMC was held in October 2016 in 28 divisions with 85797 competitors from several hundred universities nationwide. A total of 283 students were qualified for the final, including 94 for math-major group and 189 for non-math-major group. The fierce final produced 47 first-prize winners in non-math-major group.


CMC has been held every year since 2009, including division preliminary and national final in both math-major group and non-math-major group. Organized by Chinese Mathematical Society, it is now the best basic mathematical competition for Chinese college students with the goal to foster their interest in learning mathematics, to cultivate their ability to analyze and solve problems, to spot and select innovative talents in mathematics, as well as to offer a stage for young students to demonstrate their basic knowledge and thinking ability.

School of Mathematical Sciences, UESTC has successfully organized 26 times of UESTC Mathematics Competitions with strong support from UESTC’s Office of Teaching Affairs. Recently. In recently years, the School has continued to accumulate competition experience and improve competition performance, strived to enhance teaching quality and expanded benefit coverage, laying a solid mathematical foundation for UESTC students and ensuring a higher rate of further study at UESTC.

Translator: Chen Shuyan