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UESTC Delegation Visiting Chili, Ecuador and Costa Rica

published: 2017-04-18 09:34:48       hits: 

Dr. Yang Xiaobo, Vice President of UESTC, led a delegation to participate in the International Education Expos held in Chili and Ecuador and to visit the National University of Costa Rica from March 27th to April 7th. This visit produced satisfactory results in boosting the cooperation and communication between UESTC and the higher institutes in South America. On top of that, the delegation atrracted more overseas students to choose to study in UESTC.


Students gathering at UESTC’s booth on the International Education Expo held in Santiago, Chili

On the morning of March 28th, as soon as the delegation arrived at Santiago after 30 hours’ flight, they directly went to the Expo for holding talks with students who gathered here for UESTC. During the 5-hour talk, the delegation introduced the geographical location, living environment and disciplinary advantages of UESTC and Chengdu. Also, they elaborated on the international education of UESTC, spanning majors, courses, tuition and accommodation and employment.


Teachers in UESTC delegation answering questions from students on the International Education Expo held in Concepción, Chili

On March 30th, the UESTC delegation, together with other university representatives from about 20 countries, including the United States and Germany, attended another International Education Expo held in Concepción, Chili, which brought together hundreds of students. The UESTC booth was popular among both students and their parents.


Dr. Yang meeting with Guan Jintao, chairman of Beijing Overseas Association in Chili

During a meeting on March 31st, Dr.Yang exchanged views with Guan Jintao, chairman of Beijing Overseas Association in Chili, on how to strengthen bilateral communication and cooperation for achieving win-win results. UESTC hopes to better cooperation in education with Beijing Overseas Association, which enjoys broad platforms as well as plentiful resources and serves as an important bridge to Chili. Mr. Guan also expressed his pleasure to work with UESTC. Mr. Guan noted that as the higher institutes in China are gaining more public appeal, an increasing number of students in Chili hopeto study in China’s universities, like UESTC, a well-recognized university.


Prof. Yang communicating with Alberto Salom Echeverria, Prsident of the National University of Costa Rica

On April 3rd, the UESTC delegation paid a visit to the National University of Costa Rica (in Spanish, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, abbreviated UNA) and was received by President Albert. President Alberto held that UNA hopes to sign intercollegiate agreements for cooperation with UESTC, collaborating with each other in fields of students projects, faculty training, course teaching and commercial use of R&D achievements. The two universities have a lot to offer each other. During the meeting, Dr. Yang also expressed that UESTC was impressed by UNA during the last-year visit. For this reason, Prof. Yang led this visit again in less than one year. hoping to develop practical cooperation with UNA.


Students from SEK in Quito, Ecuador consulting the studying abroad policies of UESTC at the booth

On April 4th, the UESTC delegation took part in another International Education Expo held in Quito, Ecuador, introducing Chengdu and UESTC to high school students at the Expo and expressing our warm welcome. At the booth, these high school students were quite into both the long history and modern development of Chengdu, and the beautiful campus of UESTC. They said that they would follow UESTC closely, hoping to study in UESTC one day.

This is the second time for UESTC, the only university from China, to participate in the International Education Expo held in South America. The delegation members are from the School of Computer Science and Engineering and the International Office of UESTC.

UESTC is now looking to South America for overseas students. Through strenuous efforts, currently there are some students from Argentina and Brazil studying in UESTC.

Translator: Wen Huan