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UESTC’s 1st International Education Roundtable with Asian-Africa Partner Unive

published: 2017-04-24 11:46:20       hits: 

On April 14th, UESTC held its first international education roundtable with Asian-African Partner universities on Qing Shuihe campus. Over 30 distinguished guests from 20 universities of 7 countries plus consular officers of Pakistani, Kenyan and Ghanaian embassies to China attended this President-level conference to discuss cooperation and seek common development. President Li Yanrong, Vice-President Xiong Caidong and Deputy Secretary of University Party committee Shen Xiaorong attended this meeting and unveiled the opening ceremony for UESTC’s West African research center, and Xiong Caidong was the meeting presider.


On behalf of UESTC, President Li Yanrong first extended his sincere welcome to all the guests and his appreciation for their trust in this university and gave a brief introduction to UESTC’s history, disciplinary construction and talent cultivation. He said that over 160,000 excellent graduates had been sent out from UESTC since it was founded in 1956, and that among those graduates who actively played their roles in all sectors, many have grown to be the backbone in China’s electronic information field, making great contributions to the development of electronic information field, China’s social and economic growth and national defense construction.


Mr. Li demonstrated that talent students who we cultivate in the 21st century should own international vision and humanities, therefore in recent years UESTC has fully implemented international strategies among which cooperation with West African and South Asian universities is an important part. Over the past few years, UESTC has established friendly cooperation with University of Ghana, University for Development Studies (Ghana), Ghana National University of Education, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University in Ethiopia. Teachers and students from those university came to UESCT for their further studies had not only obtained academic achievement for themselves but also diversified the multi-culture of this university as well as strengthened mutual friendship between partner universities. It is our shared pride that international graduate students from UESTC have obtained jobs from higher education institutions, IT enterprises and governmental departments of Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Algeria and obviously ahead of them is a bright future.

Mr. Li Yanrong pointed out that UESTC will work jointly with all embassies and consulates in China and Chinese enterprises to promote cooperation with universities present there to support platforms and guarantee high-level education for international students, to launch trainings for professional talents as well as for administrative leaders, and to advocate exchanges between teachers and students, thus pushing mutual cooperation to a new stage.


Mr. Li Yanrong and Xiong Caidong invited representatives of University for Development Studies (Ghana) and other institutions to unveil the opening ceremony of UESTC’s West African research center. This center is committed to working with African countries such as Ghana, Togo and Cote d'Ivoire for conducting national and regional studies by pooling talents, establishing platforms and providing scientific and technological services in combination with UESTC’s distinctive disciplines; it will enable UESTC and West African universities jointly to apply projects in natural science and social science such as philosophy, boosting exchanges among UESTC and the West African famous universities in respects of talent cultivation, laboratory establishment and student internship trainings, and helping Chinese enterprises localizing competent workers and meet the needs for economic and social development.

Deputy Consul-General Naveed Safdar Bokhari of Pakistani Embassy in Chengdu, educational counsellor of Kenya embassy in China Reben Argut Pturgo and educational counsellor of Ghana embassy in China Peter O.A. Allswell gave addresses. They reviewed all fruitful achievements resulted from the cooperation of their countries’ universities with UESTC and spoke highly of UESTC’s educational strength, achievements and conditions as well as practical performances made in recent years dependent on international strategy. They extended their will to support UESTC’s deep cooperation with their higher education institutions, research organizations and enterprises and their wish to more fruitful results from mutual collaboration.


During the conference, representatives of International Cooperation & Exchanges Office gave a comprehensive introduction to UESTC’s international education, hardware facilities, study-abroad policies and admission policies and put forward suggestions for future cooperation. All attendees had a discussion on coming cooperation patterns with UESTC as well as prospect of UESTC. 

They all visited the library, international students’ dormitories and sports fields of UESTC.


In addition, this conference participants included four deans from School of Information and Software Engineering (Mr. Zhou Shijie), School of Mechatronic Engineering (Mr. Yang Ping), School of Political and Public Management (Mr. Tang Zhiwei)and School of Glasgow (Mr. Zhao Zhiqin).

Translator: Luo Ting