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Power System Operation and Control Courses made a field to DEC

published: 2017-05-05 14:46:28       hits: 

On 28th April, 2017, as part of gaining practical experience in the course Power System Operation and Control, Prof Qi Huang, instructor of the course, led 20 master and PhD students ofthis course to visit Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) at Chengdu base. Dr. Honglin Zhou, the principal investigator of wind generation control at DEC warmly host the visit.


The purpose of the educational trip was to provide students with practical and theoretical experience in Power System Operation and Control as well as to have a direct feeling of the latest technology in the manufacturing of electrical power equipment. As the largest manufacturer of generating equipment in the world, and one of 118 most important central government owned enterprises in China, DEC Ltd is a leading Chinese company specialized in power equipment manufacturing and worldwide project contracting for thermal, hydro, nuclear, wind, gas turbines and combine cycle power plants.


During thiseducational tour, Dr. Zhou Honglin introduced the production and operation of the various equipment to his international students. He also demonstrated to students the operation of various power plants such as the hydro power plant, nuclear power plant, coal operated power plant as well as the solar power plant.


The international students, coming from Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Togo, Madagascar, and Cameroon, etc., showed great interest as they probed into further questions trying to know more about the various equipment in power generation and control. Mr. Atoar Rahman, fromBangladesh, a master student at School of Automation Engineering, said: “I am impressive and actually shocked by the manufacturing capability of China. DEC is representative of Chinese speed and Chinese manufacture.”  Prof Qi Huang claims that it is important to build close relationship with industry for effective instruction, and he expects more support from the top manufacturers and utility companies for student training.