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UESTC's Power Semiconductor Academic Performance Won International Reputation

published: 2017-06-16 14:57:16       hits: 

The freshly closed ISPSD 2017 (The 29th IEEE International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs) witnessed UESTC take the lead with 8 papers being included. Floods of applause burst out when the Chairman announced UESTC ranked the first. Again, UESTC, with her striking achievements in power semiconductor proved herstrength in the international arena and brought China another honor.

ISPSD 2017 was held in Sapporo, Japan from May 28th to June 1st. The symposium, with 117 papers being included, attracted 568 representatives from 24 countries and regions.Among all the competitors having delivered papers at the symposium, UESTC ranked the first with 8 papers being included and was followed by Hitachi with 7 papers. Toshiba, Infineon and HKUST(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) tied for the third place. (Note: the rank only accounts the first author affiliation)

Besides 5 independent papers and 3 papers jointly issued with corporates, UESTC joined3 papers' publication. A total of 11 papers issued madeUESTC greet another record high.


IEEE ISPSD is  the most influential and top international academic conference in the area of power semiconductor, which covers power semiconductor devices, PIC(Power Integrated Circuit), process integration, power package and application, etc..The four-year cycled symposium alternates its placeamong Europe, America, Japan and other regions. On ISPSD 2016 in Prague, Czech, UESTC, with 6 papers being included, shared the second place with Infineon and Mitsubishi, next to Toshiba with 7 papers.

On ISPSD 2015, Academician Chen Xingbi from UESTC became the first scientist in the Asian-Pacific region to win the ISPSD 2015 Pioneer Award.

As a disciplinary feature of UESTC's microelectronics and one of the major three researches of State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices, power semiconductor is the core of Integrated Circuit Research Center of UESTC.

Translator:Xie Ying