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Chinese University Steps Up its Pace to Take the Place among the Top Journals

published: 2017-09-01 10:36:32       hits: 

Recently in Chengdu, UESTC signed up with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., one of the world’s three biggest publishing companies, to cooperate on the publication of Information Materials (abbreviated asInfo Mat), which is part of a top journal series called Advanced Materials. This is the first time for Wiley corporation to co-publish a journal series with a Chinese university, which is a watershed event that suggests Chinese university has upped its pace to rightfully take its place among the globe’s top journals and printing houses.


According to the introduction of Guido F. Herrmann, the Vice President and Managing Director of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Germany, the editorial office will be jointly established by Wiley and UESTC, making way for world class scholars to support the editorial work. This means the most outstanding research achievements will be presented in the best possible light. The initial issue of Info Mat will be published at the end of 2017. Professor Li Yanrong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of UESTC, will be editor-in-chief. Info Matis a journal oriented towards a global vision, covering fields related to engineering, information science, material science and chemistry. Moreover, papers published by Info Mat must contain original peer-reviewed scientific research achievements, just as Wiley Open Access is based on knowledge-sharing protocol. In a good spirit of scientific universalism, everyone has free access to the research achievements once they are published.

UESTC, founded in new China, was the first university to focus on electronic information and was one of the key universities admitted into the nation's Project 211 and 985, thus being under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. UESTC has built a complete technology and innovation chain within the electronic information field, encompassing electronic materials, electronic devices, electronic components, electronic systems and machines, and electronic testing criteria and standards.


Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons Inc. is a leading publishing company that specializes in scientific, technical and medical (STM) fields. Advanced Material, the flagship journalfrom Wiley, ranks first among journals in the fields of engineering and computer science, and ranks fourth in material science and chemistry. The journal has an impact factor of 19.791. Additionally, Wiley produces over 1600 peer-reviewed journals, a large number of books, data bases, experiment guides, reference books, as well as other polymathic productions. Many Nobel Laureates, renowned scholars and industry elites have become established authors by dint of the services of the Wiley corporation.

Wiley attaches great importance to Info Mat and has a view to garner superior resources for its operation. The editor-in-chief, editing office and company as a whole share the responsibility for manuscript screening. Strengthening this professionalism, the marketing, publicity, composition and delivery of the journal will be supported by a mature system that is innate to Wiley. It is an aspiration to develop Info Mat into a preeminent journal within the fields of engineering, information science and material science so as to level the gap between China’s journals on information and material science and the West’s. Ultimately, this will greatly promote the overall influence of Chinese academic journals.


In recent years, technological advancements of Chinese universities have been continuously published in world first class journals, which have acquainted the world about a surge in Chinese technological innovation. A joint journal created through the auspices of a world class publisher and first class Chinese university is something like a beacon of progress to us here in China, signifying to the world that a Chinese university is on the threshold of standing toe to toe with the world’s top journals and printing presses.

Translator: Luo Lang