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Two Nobel Laureates Employed as Honorary Professors of UESTC

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On September 13th and 14th, Professor Steven Chu, the 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics and the 12th U.S. Energy Secretary, and Professor Robert ·C· Merton, the "father of options", the 1997 Nobel Laureate in Economics, were employed as honorary professors of the university. President Li Yanrong issued the appointments and wore the university badge for two Nobel laureates.\\

 On behalf of UESTC, Li Yanrong extended his warm welcome to two professors at the appointment ceremony and introduced the development of the university. UESTC, he said, is a science and engineering university, which focuses on electronic information technology, and provides talent support for the development of China's electronic information industry. In recent years, the university has been attaching great attention to students' general education, especially leadership training, hoping to promote the all-round development of students. The university also attaches importance to the foundation of physics and other humanities, such as Literature, History, Philosophy, Economics and Management, Laws, etc., Mr. President also hoped that two professors will often come to UESTC and give more guidance and help for the university's discipline construction and personnel training reform.


Professor Chu said it was a great honor to be employed as an honorary professor of UESTC and extended his thanks to the university for the hospitality. He said that he has always been pleased to communicate with students, and two years ago he had agreed to students of UESTC’s "Li Ren class" to visit UESTC, so he hoped that he can help students to grow and motivate students to make achievements through his own reports.

Professor Merton said he was delighted to be a member of the UESTC and introduced his research experience from engineering to financial engineering. He said that his financial engineering research, is a branch of economics, and is closely related to electronic information technology, which is the advantage of this university, therefore, there is a broad prospect for the development of cross-disciplinary research. Traditional finance has not been able to meet the needs of the future society, and modern finance needs the strong support of electronic information technology. He suggested that the combination of electronic information and financial engineering would not only be beneficial to the development of the university, but would also have a positive impact on China's pioneering financial system.

Deputy Secretary of the university Party Committee Shen Xiaorong, vice President Hu Haoquan, the national "Thousand Youth Talents Plan" winners Kangkai, Liu Mingzhen, Liu Xiao, Deng Xu, Kang Yijin, Li Yanbo, Jo liang, Wang Zenghui, Cui Chunhua, as well as the relevant colleges and functional departments attended the appointment ceremony.

After the appointment ceremony, two Nobel laureates were invited to give lectures in the "UESTC Forum". Professor Chu shared his life story with the theme "We can’t let our short life go without any trace". He cautioned that life is short, so we should be more strict with ourselves to do our own interesting career which can benefit the human being. Professor Merton gave a wonderful speech on "The university's scientific research and innovation spirit" and interacted with our teachers and students.