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UESTC Delegation Attended the Sino-US Maker Summit and Sino-US Education Summit

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During the period from September 25thto October 3rd, Xiong Caidong, VicePresident, and UESTC delegates attended "China-US Maker Summit" held atUniversity of New York and "China-US Education Summit" held by University of Pennsylvania, and visited the University of Columbia, University of Hampton, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, actively promoting the cooperation between UESTC and the universities of eastern United States.

On September 25th, Xiong Caidong and the delegates attended the "2017 China-US Youth Maker Summit and China-US Youth Maker Center Launch Ceremony" held at New York University.

Liu Yandong,Vice Premier,attended the summit and delivered an important speech.Shereviewed the Sino-US cultural exchange mechanism and the China-US Youth Maker Competition course, and praised the fruitful achievements of the Sino-US Youth Exchange.She pointed out that through the mutual learning in the aspects of education, sports and innovation, the two sides understood each other more, and got closer than before, Which greatly promotedthe awareness and capacity of cross-cultural exchange.She thought the younggenerationcan change the world through intercultural exchange.

At the end of the conference, witnessed by delegates from universitiesof both sides, enterprises and media representatives, Liu Yandong announced that the "China-US YouthMaker Center" was officially launched.


The delegates of UESTC attended the "2017 China-US Youth Maker Summit and China-US Youth Maker Center Launch Ceremony" held at New York university.


On September 26th, Vice President Xiong Caidong and the delegation visited Columbia University in New York, where theymet with Doctor Sun Zhe,Leader of the International Affairs Department, and Professor William Eimicke, Director of the Picker Center.Eimicke said that as a national central city in China, Chengdu’s rapid construction and development provided valuable platform and examples for research, education and cooperation in related fields. Withhis rich experience in government management and educational research, he is willing to cooperate with UESTC.


The delegation met with Prof.William Eimicke, Director of the Picker Center.

During the visit, the delegation also met with Dr. Zhang Zhongjun, the ex-President of New York Institute of Technology and Chairman of G-meo Education Group.Vice President Xiong Caidong thanked G-meo for providing the exchange platform for UESTC to communicate with American renowned Universities (such as American University, Stevenson Polytechnic Institute) and hoped to make best use of the platformtoattract more American students.

On September 29th, the delegation visited Hampton University, known as the "Harvard of the Black ". Accompanied by alumni Dr. Liu Chaoyu and Ms. Yang Lan, the delegation met with JoAnn Haysbert, President of Hampton University, Dr. Vahagn Nazaryan, Director of the Proton Treatment Center, and Dr. Kangming Ma, Director of International Cooperation.


The delegation talked with President JoAnn Haysbert and Director Vahagn Nazaryan

President JoAnn Haysbert welcomed the visit of the delegation of UESTC and expressed the hope to launch two-way communication as soon as possible, explore scientific cooperation model through Proton Treatment Center, make use of Hampton University's advanced news media to carry out cultural exchanges, and prepare the construction of Confucius Institute. Vice President Xiong Caidong said that Hampton University has a long history and profound tradition, its ethnical studies and multi-culture studies are renowned in US, and even in the world. UESTC is willing to explore the possibility of building a Confucius Institute with Hampton University, advance the collaboration between UESTC's medical school, affiliated hospital and the Hampton's Proton Center to benefit more patients.


The delegation visited the Laboratory of Technology Institute of Hampton University


The delegation met with Prof. Calvin Lowe, the ex-President of Bowie State and President of Science Institute of Hampton University


The delegation visited Proton Treatment Center

On September 30 and October 1st, all the delegates were invited to attend the China-US Education Summit "Educational Innovation in the Era of Globalization" sponsored by University of Pennsylvania, and the "Higher Education and Career Development" thematic forum. After these, the delegation organized a special UESTC recruitment fair.


The delegation took a photo with Ms. Amy S. Nichols and UESTC alumni

During the meeting, the delegation met with Ms. Amy S. Nichols, Director of Project Development and International Exchange of the Institute of Humanities and Vocational Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and Lily Zhang, Deputy Director of International Affairs Department. The two sides agreed to further expand the areas of cooperation on the basis of the current Medical Information Center and Student Exchange Camp. At the same time, the University of Pennsylvania is also ready to welcome the 30 teachers and students included in the 2017 UESTC Sailing Plan.


The delegation talked with the Dean of Engineering Institute of Harvard University


 On October 2nd, the delegation visited Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology respectively, met with Prof. Fawwaz Habbal, Dean of the Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, Prof. Joost Vlassak, President of the Institute of Raw Materials, Prof. Anantha P. Chandrakasan, Dean of the Institute of Engineering of MIT, Prof. Jesus A del Alamo, Director of Microsystems Technology Laboratory and Prof. Hae-Seung Lee, Director of Integrated Circuit and System Center.



The delegation met with the Dean of the Institute of Engineering of MIT

Vice President Xiong Caidong said that two events happened in Chengdu provides golden opportunity for UESTC to cooperate with world-class universities, i.e. that Chengdu has entered the Construction of National Central City, and that UESTC has been included into the list of "double first-class" university. He also said that UESTC welcomes world-renowned universities to come to Chengdu to carry out multi-discipline and multi-field cooperation, and thus to enhance the level of personnel training, scientific research and results. The presidents of both universities expressed their willingness to promote exchanges with UESTC teachers and students. During the meeting, the two sides also discussed the students' joint training, bilateral and multilateral workshops, joint laboratories and other feasible cooperation models.