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Nobel Prize Winner Appointed as Honorary Professor at UESTC

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President Li Yanrong issued the letter of appointment to Avram Hershko, Israeli scientist and Noble laureate in chemistry, who was officially appointed as an honorary professor at UESTC at Qingshui He campus on October 23rd. The appointment ceremony was host by Xiong Xuandong, Vice President of UESTC.


President Li, on behalf of UESTC, delivered a warm welcome to Professor Hershko, and shared his visit to Israel, speaking highly of the achievements Israel has made in scientific research and innovative entrepreneurship. In recent years UESTC has conducted frequent cooperation and exchange with Israeli academic institutions,  seeing two Israeli Nobel Prize Winner join in within just one week. Therefore we believe our bilateral cooperation will yield fruitful outcome. President Li stated that UESTC was included in the league of national campaign of “entering the top world university” lately and, through the efforts of all, will be constructed as a research university closely related to science and engineering and with world-class performance in the field of electronic information during the “13th Five Year Plan”. He hopes that Professor Hershko will have a closer relationship with UESTC and give advices on the development of interdiscipline related to electronic information.

Professor Hershko delivered his gratitude to UESTC’s warm welcome and stated that he felt very honored to be appointed as an honorary professor at UESTC. He then introduced the development history and the results of innovative entrepreneurship of Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and Research Institute at the Technion, expressing that these experiences could provide guidance and help for China’s development. He hoped the enhanced bilateral cooperation will bring about closer friendship between him and UESTC.


During the appointment ceremony, Shen Xiaorong, Party Deputy Secretary of UESTC introduced the basic information of Professor Hershko who received his Ph.D degree at the Hebrew University–Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, and became a distinguished professorat Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and Research Institute at the Technion, Haifa, Israel On October 6th 2004, he was rewarded the 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation and became a foreign associate of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. Professor Hershko has always held a friendly attitude toward China and China’s scientific community. He paid much attention to China’s development and conducted academic cooperation with Chinese universities and research institutions to promote the development of research technologies of China’s Chemical Sciences and Medical Science, making contributions to senior personal cultivation and international academic communication among scientists. He shows great concern for the young people working in the field of science and technology, having communications with Chinese scientific research institutions, young scholars, students and post-graduate students for many times and encouraging them a lot. In 2011, Professor Hershko was rewarded Friendship Award by Chinese government.

Translator: Lv Mengting