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UESTC Delegation Visited Europe under the Belt and Road Initiative Framework

published: 2017-11-28 10:05:18       hits: 

Under the national Belt and Road Initiative framework, during November 10-17, 2017, UESTC delegation led by President Li Yanrong, visited partner universities in Europe to expand cooperation with European universities, especially universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

With the graduation of 2017 UESTC-ISCTE Doctor of Management, in the afternoon of November 10, President Li Yanrong led the UESTC delegation to visit ISCTE Lisbon University Institute, Portugal, and met with President Louis Reto. President Li Yanrong said, as a well-known university in management, ISCTE Lisbon University Institute has cultivated great numbers of talents in politics and business fields for Portugal as well as Europe. And the UESTC-ISCTE Program is highly welcomed and influential in West China. In the future, UESTC and ISCTE can make full use of respective advantages to expand the mutual cooperation to engineering field.



Prof. Reto first reviewed the cooperation between UESTC and ISCTE, and the enjoyable experience during UESTC 60 Anniversary last year. Then he extended his congratulations on UESTC’s achievements, and expressed ISCTE’s willing to further deepen the cooperation between UESTC and ISCTE by exploring the cooperation mode in engineering.

Presidents of two sides signed the new round of cooperation agreement on school running. After the meeting, President Li Yanrong was interviewed by the reporter of ISCTE, and answered questions on the cooperation between the two universities, two countries, and two cultures.



UESTC delegation also visited University of Pécs, Hungary, a university with 650 years of running history. During the visit, the delegation met with PresidentJozsef Bodis, President Gyula Zeller, and Dr. István Tarrósy, Director of the Centre for International Relations, University of Pécs. Leaders of both sides praised the efficient cooperation stride from preliminary contact, understanding establishment, to initiation of this year’s summer exchange program.

President Li Yanrong said UESTC has kept exchanges and cooperation with universities of North America and Western Europe all the time, and through this visit, UESTC hopes to strengthen the cooperation with universities in Central and Eastern European countries to carry out exchanges of faculties and students in various fields, and jointly set up laboratories.

PresidentJozsef Bodis pointed out that some teachers of University of Pécs who taught in the 2017 UESTC Summer School have spoken highly of UESTC students. He expressed University of Pécs will actively participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative to promote the cooperation of both sides, especially in fields of electronic science and medicine. PresidentJozsef Bodis further introduced the scholarship program sponsored by the Hungariangovernment for international students, and hoped more students will join in the exchanges between University of Pécsand UESTC.

Presidents of both sides signed the cooperation memorandum and cooperation contract for student exchanges, signaling the official launch cooperation between UESTC and University of Pécs.



In Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) Hungary,UESTC delegation held talks with PresidentJanos Jozsa, Vice PresidentKristina Laszlo, etc. President Janos Jozsa said as the earliest founded Polytechnic university in Hungary, BME had cultivated a large number of engineering technical personnel for Hungary, over 70% ofthe whole country. These graduates have made contributions for the technological development of Europe and the world.

PresidentLi Yanrong said BME is endowed with unique location, and has cultivated world-famous alumni including George Andrew Olah, Theodore von Kármán, Dennis Gabor, and Ernő Rubik, etc. Besides, her talent cultivation mode of economy plus technology provides reference for UESTC. Leaders of both sides agreed to accelerate the launch of student exchanges, and promote the cooperation in science, economy, and engineering.

Heads of School of Electronic Engineering, UESTC, School of Management and Economics, UESTC, Office of Scientific Research & Development, UESTC, and International Office, UESTC visited Europe as UESTC delegation members.

Translator: Fang Fang