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The Result of UESTC Outstanding International Students Appraisal 2017

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In the afternoon of December 6th, the oral defence of UESTC Outstanding International Students candidates was successfully held at Uni Maker Space of the Qingshuihe campus. Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora, the postgraduate student candidate of the School of Economics and Management, and Shaddrack Yaw Nusenu, the PhD candidate of the School of Communication and Information Engineering, obtained this honorary title of UESTC Outstanding International Student after being examined by the judges. They are going to compete for the honor, “UESTC Outstanding Postgraduate Students”, against Chinese candidates.



Earlier, members of UESTC’s International Office had an overall evaluation on the academic achievement and comprehensive quality of the students candidates who had filed an application or been recommended by School. 10 among them stood out as the candidates of the honorary titles, of which 7 are postgraduate students and 3 are PhD candidates, who are from the School of Communication and Information Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Opto-electronic and Information, the School of Life Sciense, etc. The oral defence consisted of several sessions, including introducer referrals, PPT presentations, Q&A, through which candidates demonstrated excellence in their research fields and shared their life experiences.


UESTC Outstanding International Student Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora is from Nigeria. She is gifted at languages and has a good command of English, Chinese, Turkish and Nigerian. In her oral defence, she shared growth stories in fluent Chinese. During her postgraduate study, Sandra’s GPA ranked first in the school and published two high-quality papers as first author. Owing to that, she was awarded the first-class academic scholarship and the first prize for excellent performance. In the meantime, Sandra is a sportswoman who has collected many awards from various sports competitions: The first prize in the rookie tennis competition, the second prize of women’s tennis competition, the double champion of 100-metre and 200-metre races in the autumn sports meeting, etc. Furthermore, Sandra actively takes part in a variety of social activities, making a lot of Chinese friends. For instance, she participated in voluntary teaching services for Chinese employees at Foxconn to improve their English. Sandra then delivered an emotional recital of her original poetry, Dancing Africa, leaving a deep impression on the judges and audience, winning waves of applause.


Another Outstanding International Student Shaddrack Yaw Nusenu is from Ghana. In his two-year study, he has published 8 papers, in which there are 3 papers indexed by SCI. His achievements have also made a contribution to his research team. To obtain such success, Yaw spares no efforts to study and on average sleeps for about 3 hours everyday. During this period, he was awarded the academic merit scholarship and scholarship for excellent performance. “But for my supervisor’s meticulous guidance and help, there I go.” Yaw offered his most profound gratitude to his supervisor in his speech.


Other candidates also had great performances. Sorn Darong, a Cambodian postgraduate student of the School of Energy Science and Engineering, has won Chinese Government Scholarship and the first-class Academic Scholarship. He achieved a high level of attainment in Chinese culture and art. The calligraphy and painting works of his were credited by the audience after the display of his favorite collection of poetry by Su Dongpo. Saif Ur Rahman, a Pakistani postgraduate student of the School of Politics and Management, is also a top student who has published two high-level papers with an aim to set an example of excellence and devote to his motherland. AI-ward Hisham Hameed Hezam, a Yemeni postgraduate student of the School of Computer Science, by virtue of his prominent ability in regard to computer science, has represented UESTC to take part in iWorld Expo 2017 and The 15th China International Software Exposition. Joojo Walker, a Ghananian postgraduate student of the School of Information and Software Engineering, using computerized algorithm, has came up with an efficient and orderly operation system and structure in a bid to improve life with technology. Labena Abraham Alemayehu, an Ethiopian PhD candidate of the School of Life Science and Technology, has published his articles on the a journal of JCR-Q2. The professor from the teaching and research office spoke highly of his devotion: “It plays a stimulating role in the development of the life science of our school.”

During the oral defence, most of the candidates invariably exhibited their craze for scientific research, pursuit to science and technology, responsibility for societies and their motherlands, and enthusiasm for Chinese culture. More importantly, they positively immerse themselves into the campus and social life and actively communicate with their teachers, classmates and friends, gaining precious friendship. Prof Di Aiying, director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, commented: “All candidates have shown academic pursuit and potential, making us feel that you are indeed enjoying your study at UESTC and your life in China. The endeavour you’ve made not only has influence on yourselves, but also imperceptibly, it affects people who are around you.” As one of the judges, professor Zhao Zhiqin spoke positively of these candidates from the academic angle, he held the view that a diverse group of international students and the achievements made by them could drive the international development of UESTC.


The School of International Education expressed that the achievements were granted by these excellent international students demonstrated their hard work and commitment. They have now become role models for other students. The great performance and rich harvest of these ten excellent international students have proved the practice and principle of cultivating international students at UESTC, “I come, I experience, I learn, I grow”, displaying an epitome that the quality of the education and cultivation of internatinal students has increased annually over the past few years.

Translator: Xia Ling