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The “Thousand Talents Program” Selected Youth Project of UESTC Ranks 13

published: 2017-12-27 09:56:57       hits: 

Recently, the national “Thousand Talents Program” youth project list of selected number is released. Nearly 3,000 youth from 154 colleges and universities were involved. Among them, UESTC with 63 selected people ranks 13th in China and No. 1 in western China. In recent years, through continuous implementation of the strategy of “strengthening university with talents”, UESTC’s selected number ranks first in the field of information for the national “Thousand Talents Program” youth project. Among the fourteenth installment of the “Thousand Talents Program” youth project announced on December 4, 13 young scholars of UESTC are enrolled, ranking 11th in China and No.1 among western universities. The number of selected candidates in the field of information ranks first.


UESTC attaches great importance to the introduction and training of “youth” talents. For example, the organization and implementation of UESTC’s “Hundred Talents Program”, which emphasizes introduction and training. So far, a total of 98 people have been selected for seven batches, of which 40 (50) have grown to outstanding talents, including 28 (33) for “Four Youth” talents; Through “International Forum of Young Scholars” and other channels to attract talents. Over the past four years, more than 500 young scholars from over 20 countries and regions have attended the forum. About one-third of the participants have already had or are interested in relying on UESTC to declare the national “Thousand Talents Program” youth project, and 31 outstanding personnel have been worked in UESTC through the forum; To create “Youth Growth/Youth Selection/Excellent Youth” cultivation plan, “Overseas High-end Academic Cultivation Plan for Teachers” and “Development Relay Action Plan for Philosophical, Social and Scientific Young Teachers”, so as to continuously improve the personnel training path.

At present, the number of outstanding young talents in UESTC, including those who have been selected in the national “Thousand Talents Program” youth project, has reached 103, 10 times that of five years ago. The national “Thousand Talents Program” youth project, led by the Central Organization Department since 2011, aims at introducing a group of potential outstanding overseas young talents. By 2017, a total of 3,556 candidates have been enrolled (2017 is to be enrolled).

At present, the object of this project is mainly for the the people who is under the age of 40, works in field of natural sciences or engineering technology, and has received a doctoral degree from well-known overseas university or overseas work experience.

Translator: Guihua ZHANG