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44th UESTC Track and Field Sports Meet Opens

published: 2011-09-27 20:28:34       hits: 

On September 23, as the University had begun celebrating its 55th anniversary, the 44th UESTC Track and Field Sports Meet was solemnly declared to be opened on the Qingshui River Campus. A total of 2,840 athletes in 25 teams would compete in several dozens of events.

President Wang Jingsong and other university leaders including Wang Houjun, Luo Jiahui, Zhu Hong, Xiong Caidong and Yang Xiaobo attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Deputy Party Secretary Wang Yafei.

Mr. Zhu Hong, vice-president of UESTC and director of the UESTC Commission for Physical Culture and Sports, expressed his enthusiastic congratulation on this sports meet. He said that this sports meet was a grand gathering for all UESTC faculty and students, starting the first joyous musical movement for the University’s 55th anniversary celebration campaign. The University has always been paying attention to physical culture as well as intellectual and spiritual developments, regarding all three of them as integral parts of education. It lays great emphasis on physical education with the firm conviction that “priority goes to the people while the very first consideration is their health.”Believing in the Olympic spirit of “faster, higher and stronger”, the University adopts a policy in 

physical culture that on the basis of guaranteeing a solid physical education for the mass of undergraduate students and giving full play to sports in talent cultivation, mass sports activities should be encouraged with the building of high professional-level sports teams as the powerhouse. A sports meet offers opportunity to compete in both physical and mental power, requiring both the capabilities of the individual and the cooperative efforts of the group. Zhu also hoped that the athletes would fully display not only their best athletic skills but also their great sportsmanship at the sports meet, taking it as a chance to participate in the nationwide fitness campaign.

At the opening ceremony, teams from different schools paraded into the stadium, holding colorful flags and placards, expressing in different ways their strong athletic enthusiasm and their blessings for the birthday of the Alma Mater: the acrobatic bicycle show by the School of Automation, the fire balloon from the School of Aviation, the extraordinary birthday card from the School of Communication, and particularly, the best wishes from the international students.

As part of the UESTC 55th  anniversary campaign, the sports meet will last for two days.