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44th UESTC Track and Field Sports Meet Closes

published: 2011-09-27 23:04:41       hits: 

On the afternoon of September 24, the 44th UESTC Track and Field Sports Meet Closed at the Sports Center on the Qingshui River Campus.

Twenty-five teams from different schools and administrative departments with a total of 2,840 athletes had competed in some two dozen events. The team from the School of Communication and Information (Key Laboratory of Anti-interference Technology) and the team from the School of Computer Science won the highest team scores in Student Group A and Student Group B respectively. The UESTC Hospital Team scored highest among the faculty and staff teams.

 The School of Machatronics, the School of Political Science and Public Management, and the School of Automation gained the Best Organization Awards and the Best News Report Award conferred by the sports meet organizing committee.

Officials from the University General Office, the Propaganda Department, the Department of Physical Education and other administrative departments concerned attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to winner teams and athletes.

It was reported that this sports meet had been arranged as part of the University’s anniversary celebration campaign, and was the first major sports event held at the new stadium after it had ever been put to use.