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55th Anniversary of UESTC/Welcome Evening Party for New Students Is Held

published: 2011-09-28 04:36:17       hits: 

On the evening of September 24, the 55th Anniversary of UESTC/Welcome Evening Party for New Students was held at the UESTC Auditorium on the Qingshui River Campus. Artistic performances like poetry declamation, music and dancing reminded the audience of the 55 years UESTC went through, growing and glowing. The performers well interpreted the University’s commitment to its mission, to the advancement of science, and to the ardent pursuit of the highest quality of education.





Over 1,000 people watched the performances. Among them were Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang, President Wang Jinsong and other top university officials Wang Houjun, Luo Jiahui, Xiong Caidong, Wang Yafei, Yang Xiaobo and Li Yanrong. Academician Liu Shenggang, former Party Secretary Wang Mingdong and other former university officials also attended the evening party, together with school deans, department directors, officials of democratic parties, retired faculty members, and representatives from alumni.

The evening party included two chapters: Our Dreams, and Youthful Campus. Many of the items on the stage had been prize winners at the Sichuan Provincial University Student Art Festival.

Chapter One expressed our heart-felt gratitude and best wishes to the Alma Mater. The Chinese traditional clapper rap “55 Years of UESTC” gave a panoramic narration of the University history. The reading of the poem “The First Lesson” brought the audience back to the days when the University was founded 55 years before. The dancing performance “Love in the Snow Field” displayed with cheerful rhythms life and work of teaching volunteers dispatched by UESTC to underdeveloped frontier areas. Classical revolutionary songs explicitly showed our strong love for the Motherland and the Party as well as our diligence and strenuous efforts in promoting the development of the University.







Chapter Two, started with a spicy Sichuan-flavored cantata “The Legend of Sichuan Opera”, reflected how strongly we wish to maintain and develop traditional Chinese culture on the campus. International students from different countries had a medley of Chinese songs, bringing the auditorium into another climax. The female solo of “The Flying Red Flags” expressed the deepest love for the Alma Mater by alumni from overseas. The cheer leading dance entitled “The Steps of Youth” performed by students from UESTC Chengdu College won loud applauses from the audience. The electronic organ solo “The Seven Kongfu Warriors” was soul-stirring, and the ensemble piece with traditional Chinese instruments “Dreams in the Peach Garden” produced an aftertaste that would linger.

The evening ended successfully in the melodious voices singing “Oh, may you be blessed, UESTC!”

Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang, President Wang Jinsong and other leaders went up the stage to congratulate on the success of the evening and had a group photo taken with all the performers afterwards.