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6th UESTC Alumni Congress Meets

published: 2011-09-29 03:00:32       hits: 

On September 24, the 6th UESTC General Alumni Association Congress was held at the Academic Center on the Shahe Campus. Some 150 alumni came from all over the country to attend the congress and to celebrate the Alma Mater’s 55th anniversary.


President Wang Jinsong, together with other university leaders including Zhu Hong, Ciong Caidong and Wang Yafei, attended the congress. Vice-president Yang Xiaobo presided over the meeting. The member list of the 6th Council of the UESTC General Alumni Association was proposed and passed, and President Wang Jinsong was elected chairman of the new council.

President Wang delivered a speech, expressing on behalf of the university his warmest welcome to the alumni present at the meeting. He extended his congratulations to the newly elected council members, and sent his greetings to all alumni at home and abroad. In the past half a century, said President Wang, generations of UESTC people have been working diligently in defiance of difficulties, accomplishing outstanding achievements in talent cultivation, scientific research and social services, and making great contributions to building  national economy, to strengthening national defence, and to promoting social development. Grasping every new opportunity in the present history-making period, the university is forging ahead along a road for substantially intensive development, trying to transform the university into a “unique, research-oriented, and inclusive institution”. The president emphatically pointed out that, to guarantee a successful journey towards our goal, two things were of fundamental importance: disciplinary reconstruction and internationalization. He also urged to create a healthy cultural environment which is characteristic of UESTC on the campus.

Only when its graduates have made contributions to society and have accomplished achievements, Wang said, can a university be said to have reached high standards and to enjoy good reputation. Alumni’s career development is an extension of talent cultivation at school. For this reason, UESTC will spare no efforts to help its graduates to establish themselves in society, always ready to welcome them back for family reunion and further improvement. The last weekend in September, he added, has officially been designated as Alumni’s Reunion Day, on which the university and all school will make special arrangements to entertain them. He hoped that alumni would return to celebrate the festival.

Xu Hongbin, Secretary-General of the UESTC General Alumni Association, delivered a work report, saying that in the past four years, everything had been going on wel with the association, which served as a useful platform upon which the alumni and the Alma Mater were able to join forces and share resources to promote the relationship between the two sides and to imporove community welfare in different regions of the country. The Alimni Association will continue to serve as an effective liason which is beneficial to both the alumni and the Alma Mater.

Secretaries-General of the UESTC Alumni Associations in different parts of the country such as Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and the Mianyang-Deyang-Guangyuan areas explained how they had been doing their work.

After the meeting, the alumni visited their former  teachers and schoolmates. They also toured around the Qingsgui River Campus and attended the evening party. They were greatly impressed with the tremendous changes the Alma Mater had been through and said that they would often return for family reunion.