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UESTC Signs Supplementary Agreement with Zhongshan City

published: 2011-10-12 00:36:03       hits: 

On October 10, UESTC QIngshui River Campus witnessed the official ceremony for signing the Supplementary Agreement on the Joint Operation of UESTC-Zhongshan College between UESTC and the Municipal Government of Zhongshan City. UESTC Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang presided over the ceremony. UESTC President Wang Jinsong and Mayor of Zhongshan City Chen Maohui signed the agreement on behalf of the University and the City respectively. Other UESTC top officials and Zhongshan municipal authories were also present at the ceremony, including Prof. Cheng Xiaoyu, Party Secretary of Zhongshan College, and Prof. Ma Zheng, Chancelor of Zhongshan College.

It is reported that UESTC-Zhongshan College is operated by the administration of the Chancelor under the supervision of the Board of Directors. Co-organized by the UESTC and the Municipal Government of Zhongshan City, the Board of Directors is headed by two co-chairs, one appointed by the President of the University and the the other by the Mayor of the City. The College enrolls new students from all parts of the country as well as from Guangdong Province, with favorable enrolment quota over candidates from Zhongshan City. The City and surrounding areas enjoy priority in employing graduates from the College.

UESTC Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang expressed warm welcome to quests from Zhongshan City, saying that the signing of the Supplementary Agreement would help better operate the College with better institutional mechanism, and better management, and better and faster development.

Mayor Chen Maohui showed his gratitudes to UESTC for providing the City with high-quality graduates and thus helping with the local socio-economical development. He said that he was confident to see more and great contributions from the bilateral cooperation.

President Wang Jinsong thanked the municipal authories of Zhongshan City for giving full support to the College, saying that he saw the Supplementary Agreement as an important achievement of the current stage in the cooperation between the two sides and that he believed in a bright future for the College.

UESTC Vice-president and Chancelor of Zhongshan College Ma Zheng gave a report on the conditions and development of the College since its inception and plans for the next developmental stage. In the past nine years since 2009, the College has produced 18,000 graduates with bachelor’s degrees, and have given vocational trainings to some 20,000 people. The College serves as a “Think Tank”, which has been providing well-educated human and intellectual resources to the local areas.

Mayor Chen and delegation had a tour round the  Qingshui River Campus, and visited the Library and the UESTC History Showrooms.