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UESTC Ranks First on National Electronic Design Competition Medal List

published: 2011-10-14 13:26:46       hits: 

Recently, results have been revealed from 2011 the 10th National Electronic Design Competition for College Students. UESTC has gained seven first-class national awards and eight second-class national awards, ranking No. 1 on the medal list among 1042 colleges and universities, the third time in a row to do so.

Previously, it is reported, UESTC gained the second place at the 7th competition in 2005, and the first place at the 8th in 2007 and the 9th in 2009. More noticeably, UESTC won the only top medal among the undergraduate teams from all over the country in 2009.

With more students from more institutions participating in more zones, this year’s competition has been the largest in scale since the first was held 17 years ago. According to statistics by the national organization committee, this competition attracted much more participants than last one, with 32,946 students in 10,872 teams from 1,042 institutions in thirty municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions. The competiotn included designs in the following five areas: Power Switch Module and Parallel Power System, Free Oscilation Panel Control System, Mini Smart Car, LC Resonance Amplifyer and Simplified Digital Signal Transmission Analyzer.

Co-sponsored by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education and the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Information Industry, the National Electronic Design Competiton for College Students is specially organized for undergraduate and junior college students to demonstrate their talent and creativity in scientifc designing, thus fascilitating improvements and reforms in teaching college courses concerning electronics and information science. Contestants compete in teams of three for four consecutive days, during which select a project, make plans for it, work out a circuit design, build the circuit, do the system debugging, and finally produce a written report on the project. It is the top competitive event, which requires students to do so much in so short a time.