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UESTC-R&S Innovation Club Is Founded

published: 2011-10-21 14:18:48       hits: 

On October 18, the inception ceremony of UESTC-Rohde&Swarz Innovation Club was held on the Qingshui River Campus. Open to both UESTC graduate and undergraduate studentd with full support from UESTC-R&S Joint Laboratory, the club aims to cultivate innovativeness and creativity in students' way of thinking.

Party Scretary of School of Electronic Engineering Mr. Hu Jundeclared the inception of the Innovation Club. Chief Representative and General Manager of R&S China Mr. Wu Ke, and Aide to UESTC President and Executive Vice-chair of UESTC Graduate School Mr. Hu Haoquan unveiled the plaque. Vice-director of Office for Graduate Students Management Mr. Li Yu confered the club flag.

Mr. Wu reviewed cooperation with UESTC in the past years, saying that the newly established club would certainly provide anexcellent platform upon which students would carry out innovative endeavors from which he believed students would benefit a lot and hopefully find "shortcuts" in their journeys from theorectical concepts to parctical competance. He wished to see more and better similar platforms built through bilateral cooperative efforts in the future.

Mr. Hu Haoquan expressed his gratitude to R&S for giving full support to the university in its educational commitment, saying that UESTC would strengthen ties with enterprises like R&S to build more experimental platforms for the students like this so that they could have more chances to explore new ways and ideas outside the classrooms.

Prof. Tang Zongxi from School of Electronic Engineering announced the first batch of research projects of the Innovation Club. The club's first student manager Mr. Tong Kai thanked R&S and the university for providing students with such wonderful facility, ande called for active participation by his peers.

Mr. Bai Yongjie, engineer for high-end products from R&S China, gave the students a lecture on Analysis of Instant Broadband Signals after the inception ceremony.