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Ministry of Education Enlists UESTC for Excellent Engineers Training Program

published: 2011-10-21 15:01:40       hits: 

Recently, the Ministry of Education has announced the second list of universities involved in Excellent Engineers Training Program. UESTC is on the list as a trainer university.

According to reports, Excellent Engineers Training Program is one of the major reform programs to implement the National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Program (2010-2020) and the National Medium and Long-term Talents Development Program (2010-2020), an important step in transforming China from a nation known for its scale in training engineers to one known for its strength in such training. The training program aims at producing large numbers of highly-qualified engineers and technicians with innovative capabilities to satisfy the need of the nation's social and economical development, the need to build China into an innovative country, and the need for the nation's new approach to industrial development and its strategy to gain power with human talents. The training program is important in setting examples and providing guidelines for improving the overall quality of the nation's engineering education and for making higher eduaction better serve the social needs for human talents.