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UESTC Hosts 2011 International Conference on Public Administration

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On October 19, public administration scholars and experts from over 30 different countries and regions all over the world gathered at UESTC to exchange views on current and future development in public administration and to explore hot research issues and latest academic concerns on modern pulic administration.

The 2011 International Conference on Public Administration is organized by School of Political Science and Public Administration, UESTC and its theme is "The Future of Public Administration: Accountable and Transparent Government in a Networked World". Among those present at the opening ceremony were UESTC Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang, Vice-president and Secretary-General of Chinese Public Administration Society (CPAS) Gao Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of Chinese Public Administration Journal research fellow Bao Jing, Executive Director of American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Antoinette A. Samuel, President in office of ASPA Erik Bergrud, and President-Elect of ASPA Kuotsai Tom Liou. Dean of UESTC School of Politics and Public Administration and chairman of the conference Prof. Zhu Xiaoning and Prof. Zhao Shurong presided over the ceremony.


Mr. Wang Zhiqiang delivered a speech on behalf of UESTC. He said that while concentrating on electronic and information science, UESTC also paid attention to humanities and managerial science, and that public administration had become one of UESTC's major academic interests. UESTC, according to Wang, was making great efforts to promote its internationalization, and the development of public administration science served to widen its international outlook by integrating into the mainstream of the world. Sponsoring and hosting the ICPA, he added, was one of the measures UESTC took on the way to internationalization. As one of the sponsor organizations, UESTC had witnessed all of its events, its development, and its progress in the past seven years, sharing with other scholars from home and abroad achievemnets of the previous meetings of the conference. Wang hoped that representatives would present valuable suggestions for the construction and development of UESTC.

Bao Jing, as a research fellow in public administration in China, reviewed the seven years' history of the ICPA, saying that she was deeply impressed by the growing scale, technicality and academic influence of the conference, where scholars in the public administration circle could exchange ideas with each other. She thought that the ICPA had become a brand name among international conferences, and that its multiparty cooperative organizing mechanism had proved quite a success.


In her speech, Ms. Antoinette Samuel said that the theme of this year's conference -- "The Future of Public Administration: Accountable and Transparent Government in a Networked World" – emphasized new challenges posed to public administration by the relationship of the knowledge network with individuals as well as with organizations as national boundaries were often blurred in the today's world. Experiences in the past few years, she said, had well shown that new approaches and new skills were needed in this new world to make public administration more efficient and to guaranttee greater achievements under the leadership of the government, and that this year's ICPA would focus on challenges in a networked world.

After the opening ceremony, President in office of ASPA Erik Bergrud, Vice-president and Secretary-General of CPAS Gao Xiaoping, and Prof. Gu Jianguang from School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, gave keynote speeches respectively entitled "The Future of Public Aministration: Lessons from the Past", "The Role of Ethical Leadership in Emergency Management", and "The Shift in the Government Focus: Creative Social Management".

This year's conference will last for two days and will be divided into six concurrent panel sessions in which twelve panel discussions are to be held altogether. 443 papers have been collected in the conference proceedings out of a total of 976 submissions from home and abroad.

It is reported that, co-sponsored by UESTC, CPAS and ASPA with the help of Moscow University School of Public Administration and Chinese Public Administration Journal, the first ICPA was organized by UESTC School of Politics and Public Aministration in 2005. This international conference has been held annually since 2005.