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UESTC Faculty Win 3 More State Natural Science Foundation Scholarships

published: 2011-11-15 22:11:57       hits: 

Notifications have been received from the State Natural Science Foundation, saying that Prof. Gong Yubin, Prof. Yang Shiwen and Prof. Chen Huafu have won Scholarships for Outstanding Young Scientists. Up to now, the number of faculty members from UESTC on the list of winners of the State Natural Science Foundation Scholarships for Outstanding Young Scientists has increased to eighteen.

This scholarship was first awarded in 1994 as an attempt to encourage young scholars who had made outstanding achievements in basic research to conduct self-selected research projects in new frontiers, to boost the growth of young talenyed scientists, to obtain brain gains from overseas as well as to produce a host of leading researchers on the world’s frontlines of scientific development. Valid canidates for this scholarship are those who are no older than forty-five years of age, who have made original and outstanding scientific achievements recognized by colleagues at home and abroad, or who have made important contributions to the advancement of their own fields and/or related fields, or who have significantly influenced the social and economical development.