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Ambassador of Finland Visits UESTC

published: 2011-11-25 13:15:11       hits: 

On the afternoon of November 23, the Finnish ambassador his Excellency Mr. Lars Backstrom and delegation paid a visit to UESTC. Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang and Vice-president Wang Houjun interviewed the guests.

Mr. Wang Zhiqiang expressed his warm welcome to Mr. larsbackstrom and the others. He said that UESTC had been trying to build itself into an open research university with unique features. By unique features, he explained, he referred to its disciplinary focus on electronic information science and technology; by research university, he meant that the university would further increase enrolment of postgraduate students and encourage and engage its faculty members in scientific research, thus pushing the university onto a higher level of creativity; and by open university, he was pointing out the importance of internationalization as part of the university's developmental strategies. UESTC, he added, was keen on strengthening cooperative ties with Finnish enterprises and universities.

His Excellency Mr. Lars Backstrom said that he was very glad to have an opportunity to visit a university like UESTC with such striking unique features, and that he was satisfied that quite a number of Finnish universities and enterprises had already established cooperative relationship with UESTC from which both sides had benefited a lot. He highly appreciated the fact that UESTC had been venturing into the very frontlines of academic and technological development.

Both sides had further discussions on bilateral cooperation. Also present at the interview were Mr. Eija Tynkkynen, Commercial Counsellor of the Finnish Embassy in China, Mr. Kari Hiltunen, Science Counsellor, Ms. Anna Koikkalainen, First Secretary, and UESTC officials from School of Electronic Engineering, Office for International Exchange and Cooperation, Office for Scientific Research, Key Laboratory of Anti-disturbance Technology and Sino-Finnish Joint Project Management.

Mr. Lars Backstrom and delegation also visited UESTC's Students Engineering Training Center, the Microwave Darkroom and the Library.