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Five UESTC Faculty Members Enter “Project Youth Talent 1000”

published: 2011-12-12 20:46:54       hits: 

Recently, the Central Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee has announced the list of the first batch of young scholars for the National Project Youth Talent 1000. Five of them are recruited by UESTC. They all belong to the area of information science, in which there are altogether twenty-two people selected nation-wide. All the five UESTC scholars has been graded as excellent and granted a three-million-yuan research fund each.

The five young scholars are Dr. Dai Yuanshun from University of Tennessee, USA, Dr. Fang Jun from Stevens Institute of Technolohy, USA, Dr. Kang Kai and Dr. Qing Anyong both from the National University of Singapore, and Dr. Yuan Ning from Hughston University, USA. They have already come or will soon come to work at UESTC full-time, with their research interests covering important fields or fields that call for urgent development such as signal and information processing, circuitry and system, physucal electronics, electromagnetics and microwave technology, and computer applications.

It is reported that the selection of the first batch of scholars for Project Youth Talent 1000 was launched early in 2011 on the Project Youth Talent 1000 Platform kointly established by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Chinese Academy of Science, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the National Foundation for Natural Sciences. A total of 1035 candidates were nominated by institutions of higher learning, research institutes and enterprises under the administration of the central authorities across the country. After the preliminary examination, the communication review session, and the face-to-face interview investigation, 153 nominees were put up for public reviews. 143 people were finally qualified and selected.

With  the implementation of the policy of “development through human talent build-up” in recent years, UESTC has been attaining a highland of information talents. This year, all the schools have been working strenuously with the help of the UESTC Department of Human Resources to establish contact with top-class scholars overseas according to disciplinary development plans through academic connections, international conferences, and colleague recommendations, with encouraging results. Up to date, UESTC has got twenty-three scholars enrolled in the national personnel program Project Talent 1000, a new encouraging achievement in top-level personnel construction.