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Microsoft Asia Internet Academy of Engineering Sends Delegation to UESTC

published: 2011-12-16 03:11:31       hits: 

On December 9, Dr. Wang Yongdong, Dean of Microsoft Asia Internet Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Guo Weiqiang, Vice-dean of the Academy, led a delegation to UESTC. Vice-president Wang Houjun interviewed the delegation.

After a brief introduction to the university’s historical development and present conditions, Wang Houjun told the Microsoft guests that realizing the importance of the cooperation with enterprises in its own development, UESTC placed a great emphasis on cooperation with IT industrial leaders like Microsoft, saying that the university would seek more collaboration with Microsoft, especially through joint research projects and students' internship and employment in Microsoft.

Wang Yongdong told the hosts that he was deeply impressed by the university, especially by its extraordinary disciplinary uniqueness and powerful research capacity, and he believed that there was great potential for cooperation between Microsoft and UESTC. He asked for detailed information about the university’s disciplinary construction, education programs, and students' internship and employment. He also expressed his hope for continuous and in-depth cooperation with UESTC in the internet field, saying that the mission of his delegation was to investigate the feasibility of establishing a research center in Chengdu whereby to increase Microsoft’s influence in West China.

Among others present at the interview were Di Aiying,  Director of UESTC Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, and Hou Mengshu, Vice-dean of UESTC School of Computer Science. The Microsoft Asia delegation also included research personnel and administrative executives from Microsoft Asian-Pacific Research Center and Microsoft Asia Search Technology Center. The delgation was also accompanied by officials from the Bureau of Investment Service of Chengdu New and High Technology Development Zone.