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Vice-president of Dell Visits UESTC

published: 2011-12-16 19:08:13       hits: 


On December 14, Dell's Vice-president Amit Midha paid a visit to UESTC. After an interview with UESTC Vice-president Wang Houjun, he delivered a lecture UESTC students on "Asia on the Rise in World Economy", in which he encouraged the young people to seize opportunities and show their talents to the full.


On opportunities, he says:

We are  at an unprecedentedly good time.

Mr. Midha believes that the center of the world is shifting from the West to the East. The young Chinese have got unprecedentedly excellent opportunities in front of them, which will present them better chance to show their talents on the world stage. In this era, he said, technology is developing at such an accelerating speed that we can clearly foresee the future developmental trend of communication techniques such as cloud computing, internet and related mobile applications. A good mastery of these techniques has become extremely impoprtant to every one of us. Dell's development well illustrates this point: as a computer enterprise known for its excellent management of the supply chains, Dell is now focusing its attention on strategic measures to adjust itself to the new situation. Meanwhile, it has realized the importance of cooperation with China as an emerging power.

On success, he says:

We can never afford to overlook those "soft skills".

With those over two hundred energetic young people, Mr. Midha shared his own personal experiences and the enlightment he had derived from them. He was enlisted by Global Enterpreneur as one of the top 40 best of the business elite under the age of 40 and was awarded by Bloomberg L.P. as one of the Most Admired CEOs of the Year. As a once excellent student of engineering and a now business leader, Mr. Midha tought the young students on their personal development. In his opinion, while professional skills are important, "soft skills" are also indispensable. Only with passionate devotion, dilligent work and continuous efforts to learn can one achieve ultimate success. Mr. Midha has been doing at Dell for the past fifteen years like this, he said, ever trying, ever growing.

On talented students, he says:

"They are smart enough to ask questions so professional and so profound."

After the lecture, the students raised questions about business development, talent cultivation and other issues. In reply to a question raised by Nie Minglu, a senior student from School of Management and Economics, about Dell's strategic adjustment, Mr. Midha said that, on the basis of the notion of serving the clients to their full satisfaction, Dell would give priority to providing enterprises in and outside the IT industry with quality service, from which Dell would derive one half of its entire profits. When answering another question Yang Hanzhen, a junior student, asked concerning cloud computing, he maintained that, to suit themselves to the future development, hardware producers had to intensify their efforts in increasing their cloud computing capability.

When asked what he thought of those students, Mr. Midha expressed himself with delight, saying, "The students are very smart, well-informed about the IT industry, able to ask very professional and profound questions, and seem to maintain a keen curiosity."

Officials from Chengdu New and High Technology Development Zone and from UESTC administrative departments concerned accompanied the Microsoft delegation during the visit.