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UESTC Establishes Cultural Research Center

published: 2011-12-16 20:52:48       hits: 

On December 15, a solemn ceremony was held on the UESTC Qingshu River Campus for the inception of UESTC Research Center for Strategic Development of Chinese Cultural Industry. University Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang declared the inception of the center and conferred the plaque.

Those present at the ceremony included Li Mingquan, Vice-president of Sichuan ProvincialAcademy of Social Sciences, Li Zeming, Secretary-general of Sichuan Provincial Association of Social Scientists, officials from provincial and municipal government departments concerning cultural affairs, Chengdu Radio and Television Station and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of News and Publications, and representatives from other universities in Chengdu such as Sicuan University, Chengdu University of Science and Technology, Chengdu University of Information Technology and Southwest University of Nationalities as well as representatives from the cultural industry. UESTC Vice-president Xiong Caidong presided over the ceremony.

Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang pointed out that the establishment of the research center was one of the concrete measures to implement instructions from the Party Central Committee and the Central Government concerning cultural development, and it was done in alighment with our considerations on how to promote the prosperity in philosophical and social studies at UESTC. Without making efforts in such humanistic studies, he said, UESTC can never attain its goal of becoming a top-class university. The university should combine its technological advantage in computer and information science with its advancement in managerial science, Marxism education and foreign languages and thus provide both theoretical and technical supports to the development of the cultural industry. The inception of the research center, he added, was just the first step taken to have seeds casted, which would hopefully bear fruits in the future, after years of persistent hard labour, with a healthy mechanism in operation, making use of internal and external resources as well as support from all social circles. He expressed his firm belief that UESTC would make great contributions to the national and regional development in both cultural and economical construction.

Prof. Xie Mei, Executive Deputy Director of the research center, delivered a work report on the preparation efforts. She said that measures had been taken to quicken the construction of the center and to gain the research potential, and that the center would try its best to combine cultural and artistic elements with technology, strengthen cooperation with different social sectors and build itself into a research and educational institution which integrates electronic information technology with philosophical and social sciences and which is able to provide good service to the country as well as the local region.

Representatives from provincial and municipal governement departments, cultural organizations and other universities expressed their congratulations on the inception of the center. They would give full support to the development of the center, they said, hoping to see its contributions to the cultural industry in Chengdu and Sichan.

Officials from UESTC administrative departments and school leaders also attended the ceremony.