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UESTC Holds Second Summit Forum of Entrepreneurs

published: 2011-12-22 12:01:14       hits: 

The 2nd UESTC Summit Forum of Entrepreneurs was held on December 17. Some twenty top industrial executives had in-depth discussions on the theme of "Creativity by Collaboration between the University and Enterprises in the Great Campaign of Cultural Development", exchanging ideas about UESTC should deepen cooperation with industrial enterprises and cultivate students' creativity in alignment with the currently ongoing nationwide cultrual development campain.

UESTC Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang, Former President Zou Shoubin, Deputy Party Secretary Luo Jiahui, Vive-president Zhu Hong, and officials from administrative departments and schools attended the forum, which was presided over by Vice-president Yang Xiaobo.

Wang Zhiqiang expressed warm welcome to the entrepreneurs and informed them of the recent development of the university, especially achievements it had made in different areas in 2011. He said that the university had been maintaining a good posture in its development in recent years, steadily going ahead towards its goal of building itself into a top-class university. In 2011, with the joint efforts of all faculty members, students and administrative staff, UESTC had done well in teaching, research, disciplinary construction, and international cooperation. The university also had made great efforts to broaden and deepen its collaboration with enterprises through smooth communication with alumni and their enterprises. The forum, Wang said, provided an excellent platform upon which the alumni could exchange ideas, discuss matters and maintain close contact with the Alma Mater. He expected that they would contuously as usual show concern, give support and contribute ideas for UESTC's development.

Yang Xiaobo thanked the entrepreneurs present on the forum for their valuable suggestions about UESTC's research work and cultivation of creativity in students, hoping to see closer ties between them and the university so as to produce for enterprises more graduates with better creativity awareness and greater ability to create.

On the forum, the representatives closely centered around the set theme. Hu Xin, President of Maipu Information Technology, said that the key to transforming China from a great manufacturer into a great creator lied in its creative development in both technology and culture which would gain impetus especially from the creative potentials in the younger generation. He expressed his eagerness to work together with the Alma Mater in helping young people with aspirtations to take entrepreneurial efforts and make their dreams come true. Wang Jianyi, President of Futong Group, said that he had realized in the development of his company in the past years the importance of cooperation between the industry and the educational and research institutions. He hoped to explore new ways to work with the Alma Mater in closer and more effective collaboration to increase creativity for his company and the university. Wang Guochun, Deputy Party Secretary of Jiuzhou Group, expressed his belief that the nation's ongoing campaign of cultural development called for equal importance to be given to the development of students’ cultural qualities and the development of their technical expertise. He Qiyue, President of Jiesai Technology in Guangzhou, who attended the forum for the first time, expressed his views about creative talents needed by entreprises from the perspective of professional skills in the workplace, thinking that training students to acquire practical skills in real-life situations should aslo be included in the university education programs.

The entrepreneurs exchanged ideas on how to maintain closer ties and strengthen cooperation with the Alma Mater so as for the university to students with better ability to serve the society.

This year's forum was organized by the UESTC Department of Cooperative Development. Prior to the forum, UESTC Educational Development Foundation held a council meeting, at which new council members were elected and the revised Foundation Program was passed. The meeting examined and passed a report concerning the establishment of the Investment Decision-making Panel, and the 2011 Work Report and the Report on Plans for 2012 were also heard at the meeting.