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UESTC Holds Seminar on International Education

published: 2011-12-29 10:57:18       hits: 


On December 16, UESTC held its second seminar this school year on international education to discuss matters such as strategies and policies, measures for efficient implementation and other related issues. The seminar was presided over by Vice-president Wang Houjun.


At the seminar, Wang Houjun first reviewed the university’s past efforts in internationalization, briefly covering the enrolment, teaching, student management and graduation. He then mentioned three important issues to be urgently dealt with: revising institutional regulations, improving the motivational mechanisim and strengthening the faculty. He pointed out that increasing the enrolment of international students was one of the important measures to promote internationalization at UESTC, drawing attention from all schools and departments concerned. He called for full awareness of and efforts to deal with the three above-mentioned issues. He said that we should try our best to deepen cooperation with overseas partners and open up all possible channels to guarantee both the quantity and the quality of international students. He emphatically added that priority should be given to the quality which was the single most important matter that would guarantee the successful results of our international education.

Executives of schools and administrative departments present at the seminar had discussions on the drafts of official documents concerning intenational education, which included The Tentative Regulations Concerning the Management of International Students at UESTC and The Tentative Regulations Concerning the Management of UESTC Students Involved in Overseas Exchange Programs. They reached the consensus that more attention should be given to advertising, enrolment quality, policy-making, financial investment, faculty and executive staffing, and program management, and that joint efforts should be made to push ahead the international education and to promote international exchange and cooperation.

The deans and officials in charge of international  cooperation from the various schools and administrative departments concerned were also present at the seminar.