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UESTC Pays Close Attention to Students in Japan

published: 2011-05-16 14:27:30       hits: 

At 13:46 pm on Mar. 11th, 2011 (Beijing time), the 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit Japan causing heavy casualties and severe property damage. Leaders of UESTC paid close attention to the event. Departments such as the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange immediately contacted international students in Japan to convey care and concern from UESTC.

After the earthquake, UESTC made every effort to contact students in Japan and their families. Up until the early hours in the morning of Mar. 13th, the International Office made contact with all 7 UESTC students in Japan and expressed care from the university, which deeply touched them.

At present, UESTC keeps in contact with all its students in Japan and tries to provide them with necessary support and assistance. UESTC also contacted Japanese universities which established cooperation relationships with UESTC and asked for advice about the programs in 2011. Currently these programs remain unaffected.